Monday, May 11, 2009

All Disney Review OR How I Spent My Saturday

Saturday morning. 6 a.m. I roll out of bed minutes before my alarm goes off only to see a text message from Cynthia saying "hey, stay in don't have to be here until 8:30".

Thank goodness.

I reset the alarm, crawl back into bed and lose myself in the world of dreams for another hour...or so I think.

Once a cat knows you're awake...or even partially awake...they are all over you for breakfast.

Fine. Breakfast it is.

Cats fed, I head for a shower and then begin to get ready to meet Cynthia and the girls over at the Scera Theater. A promise is a promise after all. I'd missed the girls' last performance because I had class so I agreed to come to this their final production for the year. For those who aren't aware the Scera Theater has an acting group...I have no idea exactly how much it costs but it can't be too much because the girls pay for their own lessons and then act in several productions throughout the year. Not knowing what I was in for I climbed into my car and headed for the theater. all Disney review....this should be interesting. Cynthia had gotten us tickets for front row balcony so we had a great view of the action down below. Before the show various instructors and the older kids wandered around in costume and in character. Woody and Buzz were accosting every kid they met and Buzz kept trying to get them to admit they wanted to be a Space Ranger when they grew no avail...Woody won hands down. Little girls and boys alike all said they'd much rather be a cowboy (or cowgirl) when they grew up.

Poor Buzz.

Eventually the show began and I was in for quite a surprise. Okay, some of these kids are new, some have been around for awhile and some were seriously off-key but they threw their little hearts into the performance nontheless and I had an amazing time. The show was divided into two parts with an intermission (which was good because each half was a little over an hour long). Honestly, I was sad when it was over.

I brought my camera to the performance so I could catch Cynthia's girls in action, but ended up taking many more shots of various performances and "thespians". Here are a few of my favorites (keep in mind it was dark and I had forgotten to turn off my macro setting! Ugh, I know....amateur photographers!)

Woody and Buzz, Masters of Ceremonies

"We're All In This Together" ~High School Musical

"A-E-I-O-U (The Caterpillar Song)" ~Alice in Wonderland (I love this kid's makeup and he really got into the performance)

"It's a Jolly Holiday with Mary" ~Mary Poppins (normally I hate this song and pretty much everything Mary Poppins related but the kid playing Bert had an amazing voice and gave such a fun and animated performance that I found myself loving it)

"I'm The King of New York" ~Newsies (again, not a fan of Newsies but these guys made it fun)

"He Lives In You" ~Lion King (I had never heard this one since its from the Broadway production but oooh, what a great song)

It was over far too soon but I was all but bouncing through the rest of my day, grooving to the Radio Disney in my head.

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