Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another great has fallen...

Dom DeLuise died yesterday at the age of 75 due to illness.

An amazing actor...and an incredibly funny comedian and someone I have enjoyed watching ever since he hosted an episode of the Muppet Show, opening the show with the Swedish Chef dressing Dom's head on a plate with lettuce and an apple in the mouth (a schtick on Dom's famed appetite and love of cooking).

The still above is from one of my favorite films "The Glass Bottom Boat" in which he starred alongside Doris Day and Rod Taylor (I want that dvd back someday Cynthia :D) in which he plays a bumbling spy. Besides plenty of films (including recurring roles alongside Burt Reynolds and Mel Brooks) he also voiced Jeremy the Crow in "Secret of NIMH", Tiger in "An American Tail", Fagin in "Oliver and Company" and Itchy in the "All Dogs Go To Heaven" cartoons and was a very memorable "Pizza the Hut" in Mel Brooks' "Spaceballs". He acted alongside all 3 of his sons in a memorable episode of "SeaQuest DSV" in the 1990's (2 of his sons were regular cast characters) where they played the ultimate in disfunctional families.

Maybe its because I am getting older and so are the actors I admired when I was younger but it seems like more and more performers I admire are passing on. Its probably because I never paid that much attention when I was little, and goodness knows the internet wasn't around in the way back when...news took a bit longer to get around. These days its instantaneous....here Dom died yesterday and Wikipedia already has a notation that he died due to kidney failure and respiratory problems. Dang.

Regardless, what a bummer. Another favorite is gone.....

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