Saturday, November 24, 2007

Anywhere you hang your hat you call home....

Well, me and my hat are moving Orem. Its a small 2 bedroom duplex a little over a mile from work so the commute will be great and the rent is amazingly low (try $260/mo with no utility charges). Downside? Sure....its a SMALL duplex....girl has got to go through 18 million boxes of crap and freaking downsize. The place is also a little dark...there's a large bay window in the front but no window in the back where the kitchen is. No biggie. She has a dog which I can live with: she's small, unable to jump on you and seems very well behaved (so I get a lint brush and remember to shut my bedroom door).

Move time? Hmmmm..... how fast can I pack? Actually it'll be at least two weeks--probably three so lets set mid-December as the goal. Not that I want to be moving my stuff in the middle of winter but, given last year's weather, the roads will probably be clear and it'll just be cold out. Luckily where I am now has only a couple of steps down to the U-Haul and the new place has none at all!

I am looking forward to being closer to work, and I like the gal I am moving in with...I met her through Dan, she works for the company next door to us.

Wish me luck!

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