Monday, November 5, 2007

A little scare and gray hair

Well this was quite the packed weekend--sleepover, late nights, making jalapeno jelly...and a head lice scare....all of that before the sun had risen far on Sunday. Elaborate? Okay.....

Friday was a sleepover at my friend's--just her and her daughters as her husband is up in Canada for work/research. We had tacos and then we left the girls to watch "Meet the Robinsons" upstairs while we watched "Evening" and "Lucky You" on the big screen downstairs (sadly, neither one was very good). Woke up early the next morning and while I waited for everyone else to come crawling out of bed I started reading a copy of "Tuck Everlasting" by Natalie Babbitt that was sitting on the counter (love the movie--never read the book). Finally everyone was up and moving and I made some bacon, eggs and toast while they went around doing their little projects. Afterwards they went to a baby shower while I stayed "home" to make some jalapeno jelly since they have all the canning apparatus that I needed.

Forward to later evening...I had gone to the store for more Certo (jelly gel medium) and grabbed a roast and some fresh rolls from the bakery next door and had that cooking when everyone came home. We had a great dinner (tho everyone seemed a bit shocked I had done it) and then we finished it off with cherry pie (yum!) Snuggled on the couch with the girls several times over the course of Friday night/Saturday before heading home....didn't mention to anyone I had started a killer headache--gotta hate caffeine withdrawls.

Sunday. Didn't go to church as my headache was worse but was thinking I should call the gals and cancel coming over later to help make greeting cards when I get a call.... a bug had possibly been spotted in one of the girls' hair. Eeps.....I hugged and held kids on my lap all weekend....crap. I'd never had lice before but now I was panicking. Sunday visit was cancelled but I did find one thing while I was worriedly checking for little buggies....a whole crapload of gray hair. Its not noticable with my hair down but dang, once you lift it up (my hair is nearly long again to french twist)there is a ton of gray in there. Seriously...its a freaking silver mine on my head.

Of course there is a part of me that thinks I will look great salt and peppered but there's another part that wants to shriek out "I AM NOT OLD!" and scramble to the store for hair dye. Of course I know dye won't do a thing since my gray is resistant...crud, all of my hair is dye resistant...but its hard to accept what literally lies beneath the surface here. No bugs (thankfully) but a definate sign that I am getting older. Sadly, I know it makes me look more "dignified" but I still haven't got my act together enough for gray hair....don't I have to be more responsible first?

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