Saturday, November 24, 2007

How I Spent My Thanksgiving Vacation.... an essay by Shawna Zimmerman PART ONE

Well on Wednesday I got off work early to cash my paycheck and rush to the grocery store (I love Super Target)...spent my time wandering up and down the aisles trying to figure out just how many yams should I boil up and would everyone prefer jellied cranberry sauce or the whole berry. Hauled the spoils to Jase's place and then we took off to get more movies at Flix and did a drive-through at Taco Bell. We stayed up that night and watched "1408" which started out great and ended badly (but you can say that literally about every Stephen King movie out there). Stayed the night at Jason's as I was going to be cooking the turkey the next morning so I had a GREAT night of sleep on one of those wonderful new mattresses he bought for the spare room (I highly recommend trying it out!)

Thursday dawned bright and squirelly and in no time the turkey was cooking, potatoes and yams simmering on the stovetop and Jason's house pretty dang clean before I even bothered taking a shower. By the time everyone arrived (Annette and her 6 kids, Melissa and Kirsten) the place smelled great. Thankfully though Melissa and Kirsten were running a little late so I could run home and grab my barstools for extra seating! Everyone had a wonderful time, Jase had a dance pad set up in his office downstairs hooked up to the computer and the kids spent a lot of time boogying their feet off while the adults talked. Melissa and Kirsten left first but not before Janelle showed up and stayed for awhile. Annette was the next to go and she took two of her kids with her, leaving the rest to finish watching HP and the Order of the Phoenix. Once the movie was over Jase and Janelle took the other kids home. Once they got back we all finished looking at the ads for the next days "sweet" deals. Janelle was planning to try for a huge tv, Jase was on the lookout for an IPod sound system and DVDs, and I wanted a 2 GB jump drive (the 128 MGB is now a thing of the past!) Headed for bed around 11 knowing we had to be up before the sun!

Friday....we left late, about 4:45 am and drove to Best Buy. The line was huge but people were zipping through fast. Jase got his sound system (which later in the day he returned) and I got my jump drive. The DVDs were already sold out and we headed to to Circuit City. Nothing worth getting there so we went to several other office supply places with equal success. We ended up at Mervins (shocker--they have a plus size section!) where Jase ended up with a belt and me with a couple of shirts. (Yes, you heard right...he ended up with a belt--a belt after all the driving we did!) Regardless, it was fun for me but tiring! By this time Jason had a migraine so we came home and he went to bed while I boiled down the turkey carcass and made a great soup! I had planned to go home mid-afternoon and get some packing done but I ended up staying the night as we watched an episode of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" and then "Shaun of the Dead". Jason was fairly awake by that time and was watching "Three Amigos" when I stumbled off to bed.

This morning....again, I planned to go home and pack but went to the store instead for breakfast supplies and made us scrambled eggs. Came downstairs and have spent the remainder of the day on Jason's laptop playing games in Neopets, checking email and watching Jase do his Dance Revolution workout. I did a couple of rounds but I really stink at it since I don't always register which direction the arrow wants me to go and I stomp the wrong square. Regardless, it is after 6 pm I am still here going to heat up leftovers and then watch another MST before REALLY going home this time. My goal with the move is to take something to Deseret Industries every day this coming week which means I really need to go through some boxes tomorrow. He hasn't said it but Jase is certainly getting tired of my hanging around as well!

Thus ends my weekend adventures so far......


Miya said...

LOL, you have a Neopets account? What's your handle? I haven't logged on in pets are all dying (but oddly enough, very happy!)

shoezimm said...

My pets are happy too but I put one up for adoption and need to do the same to at least one more...I don't have time to keep zipping in and feeding the darn things. Its an account Lucie gave me-- Lupinslittlewolfie

annette said...

Thanksgiving was so fun. Truly. Thanks for all of your hard work. Dinner was dee-lish! Gracias for the leftovers! The stuffing is my new favorite. (Do you give out receipes?)

Yes, that dance thing was a blast- gotta get us one someday.

Good luck with your move! BTW, I've got extra boxes. Need a few?

shoezimm said...

Annette....I don't think I need any more boxes....I saved the ones from the last move but THANKS! And as for stuffing recipes...I hate to break it to you but I never follow recipes. Its bread cut into crouton sized pieces, celery, onion, rosemary, sage, salt and pepper to taste...simmer the celery slices and onion in butter first until translucent. If you're not stuffing it in the bird then pour chicken stock on top...amount varies as to how moist you want it. Bake at 350 for about half an hour.