Thursday, November 6, 2008

Coming Attractions

Well tomorrow will find me sailing once again into the wide blue yonder on my way to Spokane for Yancy and Leah's wedding.

Am I nervous? Not yet. Will I be? I hope not.

It still seems a bit unreal....heck, I haven't even packed my bag yet (a bag I need to clean...I am borrowing a rolling duffel bag from the office and its pretty dusty). But my laundry is mostly done, and class should be out early enough tonight that I can come home, fold that big pile and be packed before heading to bed. Jase is picking me up around 9 in the morning and I want everything ready tonight so I don't have to run around trying to find this, that and the other tomorrow.

I was IMing with Lucie this morning and was asking what she wanted for dinner tomorrow since I'd promised to cook her whatever she was in the mood for (its only fair since I am crashing at her place tomorrow night). Turns out she wants perogies. Having only eaten them once I was not favorably impressed, however I will be making them for dinner tomorrow since its what she has been craving. Since you serve them with crumbled bacon I can always toss in a few extra slices for a BLT if they taste as bland as I remember!

As for my is doing so much better. I was able to roll right out of bed this morning...a little off-center but that takes care of itself after walking around for awhile. I still have some pretty colors along my left side but they are fading fast. Adding insult to injury I got a spiderbite on my left hip yesterday (I worried at first because the skin fell off around it within an hour and it was hurting like crazy)but it appears to be healing up pretty well. As a joke my gmail comment of the day was changed yesterday to "my spidy senses are tingling". If I suddenly get superstrong and start climbing walls then so be it, but I draw the line at having webs shoot out from my hands!

I received an email yesterday....thank you so much Ann for mentioning me on your Etsy account (even though you have yet to see my designs or for me to have posted them!). A gal in Highland/Lehi has a little boutique shop that she would like to sell my items through, seeing as how I come so highly recommended. I need to pull my designs together into a portfolio and see if this gal is only interested in finished pieces or if patterns will work for her (patterns had been my original plan with one or two mock-ups to send out for a trunk show display).

I have already worked out how I want to package my patterns, have the supplies to do it with, and have a couple of designs drawn up, but haven't had the space to create the model pieces. Maybe I should just plan a weekend where I bring some stuff down to the office where I can spread out. I was planning to take the Friday after Thanksgiving off of work to spend with Jason, but he's thinking of going to Hurricane for that weekend....that would be a perfect time to get some work done! I can bring my laptop down and play some movies while I get some of this stuff worked up.

For now I am happy to crochet my bracelets, since that doesn't take much room for my supplies, and then see if this boutique is interested in some of my larger pieces next year once I get the space to create them...I seriously don't think she would be interested in blank cards, but I will offer her those as well. I need to remember to pack my crochet hook, thread and some beads to work on at the airport....its either that or I spend my time reading a few chapters on the history of typography for class....nah, I would rather crochet!

Ann is going to pull me kicking and screaming if need be to start selling my designs and I love her for it! Its only fair that I get some designs together to sell.


Miya said...

If you boil them and serve them with spaghetti sauce and Parmesan cheese, perogies are actually pretty darn good!

Oh, and my favourite, cook up some green peppers, onions, and chicken in a pan of stir-fry sauce and when the chicken is done, throw in the perogies and let them cook in the sauce for a good 8 minutes. Dump it all over rice (or go without, it's good either way!) and you've got one decent dish of perogies, guaranteed not to be bland!


Danielle said...

Tell Yancy and Leah Congrats for all of us down here! And I hope to see pics posted of it by you or Jase!!!

Kris said...

Have loads of fun! Say hi to everyone!