Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

Okay, not to go all girly giggly and Beatles/Ed Sullivan screaming hysterics, but I really am looking forward to the premier of "Twilight" this Friday. My wonderful friends, the Smiths, bought me a ticket when they were getting some for themselves. Hopefully, since we are seeing this in Spanish Fork rather than the uber-packed mall the crush won't be quite as bad.

I admit that I have not re-read the book lately so that while I remember all the major plotlines, the small stuff isn't clear (goodness knows its probably been a year since I read the thing!) Heaven forbid I should be one of the gals in the audience who gets nitpicky because the movie does not follow the book word-for-freaking-word. I still remember a guy at the premier of the first star wars movie (yes I can remember that far back). Rather than just enjoy the movie for what it was he was standing in the back of the theater, holding his novel up as the movie played; following the story as it unfolded on the screen.....weird!

Judging from the previews, I have a sneaky suspicion that the movie is going to be nowhere as good as the book (frankly, I have yet to find a movie that surpasses the book though I have been informed that the musical for "Wicked" is far superior to the ick-filled mess the author churned out). With all the publicity this thing has gotten about mobs of girls out of control, trampling eachother to get a glimpse of the movies' stars it would be a shame if they are met with a dud of a film...especially since the sequel is pretty much ready to film with the 3rd book's script already underway!

Here's hoping the movie was worth all the hype.


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Surprisingly enough, the movie "Time Machine" is better than the book. Which is funny because the movie was awful. I guess that tells you just how bad and boring the book was! :P