Tuesday, November 4, 2008

And it just keeps getting better....

Well that was meant to be sarcastic but I guess things really are better...it may not sound like it but I am actually (all things considered) doing pretty darn good.

Halloween....no I didn't dress up this year (thought about it but I didn't). I had a chiropractic appointment in the morning and then came to work and by lunch I was unloading some heavy boxes from the back of a pickup. It went fine, my back did well, but I was teased about how slow I was in getting the job done. Oh well....at least my back wasn't hurting!

After work I ran a few errands, stopped by Jason's place for a few minutes to work out flight arrangements for this Friday (I'll be seeing family again in just a few days!!!!!) before going to my friend Cynthia's place. The plan was to stay home with her more anti-social daughter and hand out candy while Cynthia and her youngest girl trick-or-treated. Then I'd stay the night because Cynthia was escorting me to the temple the next day.

By the time I got there both girls were gone with friends and Cynthia was manning the fort alone so we hung out and waited for the girls. We spend some time making adjustments to my temple dress (it was a bit too wide in the body and the sleeves were miles too long). We were going to watch a movie but ended up spending so much time on the dress that we went to bed around midnight and still hadn't finished the sleeves, which I planned to hand-stitch the next morning before we left.

Saturday morning, 8 am. I got up, went upstairs for needle and thread, and then headed back down the stairs to the guest room where my dress was hanging. I've been to Cynthia's so many times that I didn't even bother to turn on the lights. I thought I'd reached the final step and stepped off when, in reality, I still had 2 stairs to go and fell onto the corner of the piano before hitting the floor with a loud cry of pain. Loud enough that Cynthia was out of bed in a shot and running down the stairs to see me lying on the ground, trying to roll over onto my back because I couldn't breathe.

I'd not only knocked the wind out of myself, but I'd torn up my whole left side where it scraped alongside the piano (Cynthia assures me the piano is just fine). I finally made it onto my back and lay there gasping...not only in pain but I really was having a hard time getting any air in. I think it took me nearly half an hour before I could roll back onto my stomach and begin to crawl towards the couch. Getting onto the couch in one piece took ages but once I was upright and Cynthia had tucked an icebag behind me I was asking for my dress so I could finish those sleeves, even though I was in so much pain I was having a hard time seeing myself accomplishing much of anything.

Cynthia was surprised because she was thinking I would cancel my appointment and re-schedule for later in the week. As it was we pushed my appointment time from 1 pm to 3 (I was still about 15 mins late because I was moving so slowly) but I just knew that if I got myself there that the rest would take care of itself. Not to go into details but going to the temple on Saturday was the best thing I could have done. Not only was it the most amazingly beautiful experience of my life but I was able to have the experience mostly pain-free. Of course by that evening I was hurting like crazy again and my back is swollen on that side and some very lovely shades of blue and purple....but that's beside the point. Here's a pic of me on the temple grounds just before we left for the day...I look pretty darn good for a gal who was barely moving a few hours earlier...of course, by the time that pic was taken I'd downed a lot of extra strength ibuprofen so I am sure that was helping as well!

Sunday I woke up incredibly stiff and sore...and even more colorful...but by the time the evening rolled around I was moving fairly well. I'd cancelled Sunday dinner with Jason because (at the time) I was still hurting a bit and I seriously needed to get to my homework. Cynthia called around 7 pm and asked if I wanted to come down to Springville for a few minutes and go look at a kitten that her daughters had been begging me to adopt...an orange puffball who's mom had abandoned him along with 2 other littermates. By the time they were discovered it was too late to save the littermates and he was all but dead himself, but he'd been bottleraised since then and was ready to find a new home.

Well I guess we all know how that one turned out....Sampson (he came with the name Simba but that was prompty discarded) is probably romping around my bedroom right now and having a wonderful time. He's a feisty little stinker but also a real lovebug and has slept with me these last two nights. I have to admit its nice to have a cat sleeping with me again (Jasper sleeps in Annie's room since he likes being close to the dog....my cat has some serious identity issues!) Jasper still isn't sure what he thinks about the new addition, but he's still upset with me for bringing the little furball home.

And today? Still blue and purple....with some yellows tossed in for variety. Still some swelling as well....in fact just wearing a belt hurts like the Dickens, and I am still a bit stiff. Considering the condition I was in just a few days ago I can't help but marvel at how much better I am doing. I won't be running any marathons soon (lets face it, I wasn't about to before the incident either!) but I was able to roll out of bed early this morning to vote with no real problems and for that I am thankful. I also managed to stay in a good mood through it all, and was even laughing and joking about the situation by Saturday afternoon so I think it is safe to say that, in spite of it all, that all is well.

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Kris said...

Wow you poor thing! You take a lickin and keep tickin! I am glad your temple experience was good. As for the new addition, Orange kitties are really affectionate and have really long life spans. Hope your feel better!