Tuesday, November 18, 2008

They've killed a classic....

I just found out that the original series of Star Trek has now been corrupted!

Okay, lets pause long enough to acknowledge the fact that I am a dweeb for being a Star Trek fan and an even bigger dweeb for thinking the original series is the best of the bunch....accept it and lets move on.

The show has been digitally remastered...which I am okay with....a little cleanup of old film stock is not necessarily a bad thing.

The films opening song was re-done...which doesn't thrill or upset me since it sounds close enough to the original, which seems a bit stupid then to re-record it, but whatever.

No, the part I have a problem with is that some idiot thought "hey, look at this cool effect I can do so the phasers look awesome", changed a few things and then showed it to his computer geek buddies. Well they got so excited that they started looking around some more to see what else they could "improve".

The result?

A completely CG ship exterior...which looks hideous. I admit, the planets they orbit look great, but additional smoke and explosions and adding a CG layer to nearly everything not nailed down is just plain wrong. The actors (cleaned and brightened up as they are) look hideously outdated and out of place in this new environment. The fact that every ship you see has been replaced with a digital replacement sucks and looks like a kid did them, and these jerks think they have done the world a great service in "fixing" everything that made the show cheesy in the first place! Doesn't anyone understand that the cheese is what made that show so much fun to watch in the first place?

I can guarantee you that this kid will not be dumping her hard earned money into such garbage....even Lucas had the sense not to touch everything about Star Wars...he just cleaned it up and tweaked it a bit...he didn't reinvent the freaking wheel!

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mywest said...

Star Trek was a classic and should have stayed that way. Today's technology is one thing, but I still enjoy the old black & white's also.
Love, DAD