Friday, November 21, 2008

Thoughts in the aftermath....

Well I survived the Twilight experience. Actually the show we went to was expanded to a second screen (which not many people realized). While they were crunched into every seat in the first section, our theater still had about half of the seats available. There was no fact we were through the concession stand, bathroom and into our seats in about 5 minutes. I wish I could say the same for the next batch of customers--we left the theater to see huge lines of teens and parents and you could hardly exit the building with as many bodies as were packed into that lobby!

As for the sighs and screams..I am sad to say they only came from the teenager I accompanied to the theater. Seriously, everytime Edward was on-screen she was all sighs, giggles, squeals and commentary about if it was just like in the book or if they had changed something.

Frankly, the giggles, etc I didn't mind so fact it was cute in a teenybopper kind-of-way, but then I am biased because I really adore the teen I was with. Now the commentary I most certainly could have lived without because it was incredibly distracting!

Enough prologue you say? Get to the review? Okay.

Guys...don't go unless you are dragged by a chick because I can guarantee you will not like it. Yes, the special effects are hokey and Edward gives Bella some of the cheesiest come-on lines ever spoken ("you are my own personal kind of heroin" amongst them). The cuts are pretty lame and there are some additional characters thrown in that are incredibly pathetic ("butt crack Santa"...need I say more?) I think several of the townspeople are actual Forks residents being extras, rather than actual actors, but then what do you expect from a movie with a very tiny budget. Anyone who has seen the previews all over Youtube is going to know that this isn't a first-rate, high-budget production.

Gals. You're probably going to like this one...goodness knows I did. Some scenes are rushed and a few of the actors seem tossed in just because they were in the book, but you can't have it all. Edward may have some lousy lines to toss at Bella, but you kind of melt anyway....especially when he throws her THAT LOOK. Goodness knows the teen beside me was a melted puddle by the time the film ended. And Dr. Cullen is pretty hot too...I just wish they could have left him a brunette rather than that bleach job. And the actor playing Charlie was dead on....he was hysterically clueless about what to do with a teen in the house....the bit with Edward and the shotgun was priceless. Oh, and there is a nice blink-and-you'll-miss-it homage to the book's cover (see above) that was a nice touch.

So...teen flick or chick flick? A little of both.

Would I see it again in the theater? would be nice to see it without running commentary sitting alongside me.

Will I get the DVD? I have to say yes.

But then don't take my word for Miya likes to point out, I think "30 Days of Night" was a scary and amazing piece of work; and I am probably one of a very limited few who not only enjoyed "Blood and Donuts", but actually ran out and bought a copy when it was finally released on DVD.


mywest said...

Glad you had a good time with your Twilight experience and night on the town. Guess I won't be running down to view this experience, I will just stay in my own Twilight.
Love, DAD

Danielle said...

I knew not to have my expectations TOO high, because theres only so much they can to in a movie, and with less than 2 hours. It really needed to be like 4 hours long! :P
But I did enjoy it.