Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just one of those days......

We all have know the ones I am talking about...those days where nothing goes quite right, you're frustrated at yourself and everything around you and its not even lunchtime yet. You sit there wondering how in the world are you going to make it through the rest of your day.

I tried to get up at 5....actually I have been all this week. And I do get up...long enough to use the bathroom and then crawl back into bed for another 2 hours. I am just exhausted all of the time and this freaking back first being stiff but pain free and then so out of whack that it hurts to breathe is driving me insane.

Today I did the usual (which means I officially crawled out of bed at 7) and headed for the shower...I felt stiff but good so I was looking forward to wearing sneakers today rather than the slip on shoes that I hate (blister issues). I looked into the mirror after my shower and told my spine it had better shape up or ship out since I was tired of it being such a bother. I still felt pretty stiff so I took my clothes into my bedroom to get into and then it guessed it, my back went out (I guess it got the last laugh this morning). Freaking heck that hurt getting into jeans and pulling on socks this morning but I was bound and detirmined that I was wearing tennis shoes today. Found one shoe but not the other. I even got on the floor and felt around but couldn't find anything so I reached around my chair to look in the laundry basket I toss shoes into that sits in my closet.

Still nothing.

By this point I am seriously hurting and the tiny pathway in my room isn't large enough to me to lay down on to look under the bed...besides, I don't know if I could have gotten up off the floor if I'd laid down! Up until that point I was a bit annoyed at the back, etc etc but still in a good mood. Not finding my shoe, however, brought on a burst of anger and before I knew it the F-Bomb had landed. Well poo....I have been working so hard to not cuss lately that I was disappointed in myself for letting that one slip out.

The fact remained that I couldn't find my left shoe. Well there was no way I was going to wear those slip ons today and there was no way I could reach down to take off my socks with my back being the way it was so I shoved my feet into my Berkenstock-wannabe Earth Shoes and came to work in socks and sandals. While I acknowledge the fashion gurus out there fainting in horror, I admit that my feet are warm and the sandals are far more comfortable than anything else I could have managed to get on this morning. Rest assured that here at work I have kicked the sandals off and am walking around in stocking feet so I am not a complete heathen.

Well I didn't take the time to make breakfast so I stopped at the gas station for a diet Coke and a very unhealthy breakfast. By the time I managed to maneuver my aching body into the car I realized that I hadn't been given my sausage muffin so I crawled back out, hobbled back into the gas mart for my breakfast item, and then got back into the car again (freaking ow!)

Into the office and time to get to work! Well well well....the printer is acting up again. I must've spent over an hour with it telling me first there was a jam (which I cleared). Next the carriage door was ajar (actually it wasn't but I re-opened and shut it anyway). Still nothing. I tried unplugging it....still locked up. No matter how many times I fiddled with that freaking carriage door it still insisted the door was open. Keep in mind I was in still a fairly decent mood but the printer finally got the best of me and I smashed a fist into the side of it.

I would love to say that fixed the problem (it didn't) and it took another 10 minutes of opening and shutting the carriage door before it decided that the problem was solved and now shouldn't I address the throbbing in my hand?

Its still not lunchtime. My mood is fairly okay. I used my exercise ball to try and stretch out my spine and, at the moment, my back feels a little better. My hand hurt for just a couple of minutes and then went back to normal. As a reminder that Murphy's Law is alive and kicking, Bill just came in and announced that a loan officer was coming in to look at our stock and now we have to quickly straighten the place up.....

Its still not lunch.....

I am still stuck with socks and sandals...

But funny enough.....forget how it sounds in the blog....I'm actually in a good, if somewhat rushed mood.

Later Note: QuickBooks on our computer crashed shortly after twelve and I spent the rest of the day wrestling with it.....we have an I.T. guy coming in the morning to try and fix it as nothing I did worked.

Today really was not my day.....

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