Monday, October 6, 2008

To the parents and all the single ladies on the blog....

I know a gal.

Nothing against her but I had noticed in the past that little jobs around her house weren't getting done; so one time I offered to replace a broken toilet seat. Super easy.....took a few minutes with a screwdriver but nothing major.

Time went by until one day she had a set of child-proof latches sitting on the counter. Time went on and they were still sitting there untouched.

Finally I asked her about it.

She admitted she hoped I would install them for her.

I paused and decided I finally had to ask what was up with that. The response? She said she was not screwdriver-capable.

Now the shine of a pipe wrench does not catch my eye, nor do I tend to wander to the tool section of major stores. I also admit that I'm no whiz with a power saw and other souped-up gadgets but I do happen to have a tool box that has more than just a hammer in it and yes, I know how to use the items contained within.

Girls, there is no reason why we can't fix things around our own homes...and if you happen to have a man around the house you cannot use that as an excuse. If (for some unknown reason) he happens to not be available wouldn't it be nice to know that you can reattach that sagging kitchen cupboard or loose doorknob? Its no wonder some guys think girls are wimps when we would rather work around the broken item than tighten a loose screw!

Learning to use a screwdriver, hammer, (and dare I add it?) wrench will not make you into less of a man worth keeping is going to feel threatened if his girl was capable of fixing a few simple things around her home. I am not talking about major electrical overhauls here but your basic "replace your broken toilet seat" situation or, perhaps even more daring the "replace a washer in a leaky faucet to stop that annoying drip".

Freaking out about showing him up yet? Google "girls with tools" and you will get a plethora of images of scantily clad babes holding power tools. Apparently women operating equipment can be a turn on.....remind him of that if he feel emasculated.

The reason for stating "parents" in the header is this: parents, teach your daughters how to use this stuff. Don't grow up as I did in a home where "that's not a job for girls" is the motto. Let your daughters crawl under the family rig while you do an oil change or least they will learn to recognise the various parts of an engine should, heaven forbid, they ever find themselves in an auto shop facing a repair. Wouldn't you rather they understand what the mechanic is pressuring them to replace on their cars? No offense to mechanics but they seem incredibly shocked to find a gal who knows basic car info....that is a crying shame to our race. Did women's lib ever really happen?

Don't have a capable male around to show you how it works? Just google "how to use" and add the name of whatever tool you are contimplating and odds are pretty high you will find instructions on how to use the little gizmo. Lets get you's an incredibly dumbed down instruction sheet of how to use a screwdriver. Ignore the bimbo speak and take the lesson.

Let women all around the world lift up their screwdrivers, hammers and nailguns in pride and say, "I got this one honey."

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