Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Update for Etsy

Still fairly on'll be up by the end of the weekend anyway. I have to buy one more brick of blank cards that I saw at Xpedex that will work great for the Winter Trees series. Its a glossy card rather than the homespun-style rough paper cards that I bought(which will look great with my Autumn shots).

The banner is still under turns out my original design was not only in the wrong size but also the wrong format and its giving me fits trying to adjust it....I finally decided last night that it'll be easier to rebuild it from scratch in the correct dimensions. The only problem now is that I am having problems remembering a few of the effects I originally used. From now on I think I need to keep a log of what effects, fonts, sizes, etc I use for special projects. While my business card and stationary items will remain the ones I had originally designed, the banner will be a bit different and I admit that I am having fun playing with it.

I am also seeing just how little I know about the programs I use. I have got to keep practicing, learning new tips and trades, and just explore the programs. I have ideas I want to draw up for my Christmas cards this year but I am having a seriously hard time wanting to work them up on my laptop when I can do it so much faster and nicer on a sketchpad (remember those? pencils and charcoal and a pad of paper.....heaven!) I need to stop procrastinating about it, set up my scanner and try scanning my artwork to play with on my computer. I think I will enjoy the process a whole lot more that way.

Tonight I will go through the rest of my files for images and start having the pictures printed up. I will probably only post 2 or 3 card series this weekend and then slowly build up from there....I just don't have a wide-enough image base yet.

Of course, this means that I need to get my butt out there and GET MORE PICTURES in the months ahead if I want to keep expanding. The things I have to suffer with in order to have a product base.....sigh....oh well, if I have to take scenic drives more often then so be it!

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