Friday, October 17, 2008

Room Status

Well for those of you in the know my room has been a torn-apart mess ever since I pulled all of my craft supplies out of my storage bins (we used the drawers as impromptu display containers at the Harvest Market). For days now I have been grumbling to myself to get that mess organized and back into their bins, and for days I have found excuses: class, my back being out....that House M.D. marathon on tv the other day. I even purchased a couple additional bins as an incentive to get a move on with this; I figured since I'd had so much stuff crammed in those containers and not much organization that a little more room would be a good thing...

Well, last night I got about halfway through the mess, but there is a good reason I'm only half done!

I now have a drawer with just yarns, and one with my crochet bracelet strings, strands and twine (not to mention the baubles!) I have a drawer of just candles (trust me that one is full to the top!) and one of decorative lights. I have one smaller bin that will have one deep drawer of my colored pencils, one of my normal markers and one of my prismacolor markers. I am having so much fun organizing all of my "crafty crap" now that I have the room for it that I am taking the time to look at what it is that I have, rather than just chuck it into a drawer. Of course with all that I have to do this weekend I need to get a bit of speed on, but I really do think I will at least have the room organized tonight and I can always deal with the few boxes still in storage at a later time.

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