Thursday, October 2, 2008

Well at least he made me smile.....

That 22 year old I was talking about? Dan says he keeps texting over and again asking for my number even though Dan has already told him how old I am. He also called this morning to warn me that this kid was probably going to show up this morning in the office.

Turns out he wasn't lying....the kid walked in during our phone conversation.

He stuck his head in my office as soon as I got off of the phone and said he wanted to ask me a question. I answered that he could but first wanted to know if Dan had told him my age.

He said he didn't care and asked me out to lunch.

Naturally I said no but I said it nicely.

He said no problem and that he would try again another time.

Well, well, well.......someone has a crush on me.

Sweet....but why can't he be closer to my own age?


Danielle said...

BAH!!! He's LEGAL! That's all that matters!! I like 'em young! GO FOR IT! Just at least get a lunch or dinner out of it!! :D You never know, if it doesnt work out, maybe he has an older brother! ;)

shoezimm said...

He IS the older brother if I recall Dan's stories correctly. And I have to admit I don't believe in having some guy waste his money on me if I know its not going to go anywhere...let him spend it on someone else who he may have a chance with.

Danielle said...

bah....alright alright....
But it IS nice to have someone like you! ;)