Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Well I stuck my foot in it good this time....

Maybe I mentioned it earler, maybe not, but we met some really nice people at the Harvest Market at Sundance this last weekend. I was talking with one of the gals at a photography booth and she told me that not only was she selling her items on her own website but that she was also on Etsy.

We continued talking about photography and Etsy and the things we do for fun when she asked if any of my work was up in Jason's booth. I told her it wasn't and we continued talking. I am not exactly sure when it happened but at some point in the conversation I committed myself to putting some of my photography on Etsy to sell.

Not only was I stupid enough to commit to that I went a step further and stated I would have it online by the end of the weekend.


Between work and school I am already completely swamped and now I think I am going to be able to go through all of my images, pick a dozen or so, clean them up and post them? I still haven't put a banner on Etsy yet for my shop....though that shouldn't be too bad because I can use the logo design I created in class.

Photography wasn't the direction I had planned for my shop. I can offer both photography and crafts (once I find the time to make them!) on the same site but I wanted to be a little different since there are so many photographers on Etsy already. I admit that I have considered offering notecards on my site....maybe I will start there.

Thank goodness I have nothing really planned for Saturday. I have a feeling I will be in my room slaving over a computer for a hefty chunk of the day! Want to help? Try not to have anything drastic that requires my attention between now and Sunday.

. . .

I really should learn to keep my mouth shut.

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