Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I've been tagged....

By Dani.....but I won't tag anyone else because goodness knows these may be fun to read but they can be a downright pill to write (I can't always think of stuff interesting enough to share and some of it is too embarassing to share!) If you want to write one up consider yourself tagged, otherwise feel free to remain tag free.

Here we go....

Mention the rules on your blog
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1. I play with my hair a lot but I also tear at my scalp until it bleeds...I am usually unaware I am doing it at first and seems to happen when I am watching tv or reading (I am absorbed in something and not paying attention to the world around me). Its a stress reliever and started up when I stopped sucking my thumb.

2. While I have a wonderful imagination it tends to distract me a lot (yes even now as an adult I still daydream a lot). I get so lost in daydreaming that I sometimes have a hard time focusing on the here and now...especially if the here and now happens to be boring at the moment.

3. I have a raised mole on the back of my head that, for years, I thought was a tick that had burrowed under the skin and died there. It has to do with some odd memory of finding I had a bump back there at my first girls camp, of mom checking my head when I got home and talking to me about ticks being left under the skin when people try covering them with vasoline rather than touching them with a burnt match (or maybe it was the other way around). Regardless, that mole has freaked me out for years.

4. I get a lot of crap about the fact that I collect rocks. I just love having a piece of history in your hands...that rock is older than anything else around you....how freaking cool is that? Its also a cheap memento of places you have been and of places around the world. I even brought a box of rocks with me from Washington (I love how they look). I currently have rocks in my bedroom, in my office, some still packed away and some in my car that I have picked up and haven't pulled out yet because I need more space! A few of my friends and both of my bosses now bring me rocks from their travels....they thought it was weird at first but now Bill gets a big kick out of telling me exactly where he picked up each rock and the circumstances surrounding it. I now have rocks from Bethlehem, Greece and Mexico as well as ones from around the U.S. Even though many of them are not labelled I can still tell you where they came from and (trust me) I will notice if you shuffle my rocks around. Maybe I should have become a geologist.....

Please note I do not have nor do I want a pet rock.

5. I have recently become addicted to the 7-11 Slurpee (I mix the Coca Cola and Wild Cherry flavors together). I remember mom telling Jason and I when we were kids that we couldn't have one because there were all sorts of dead bugs stuck where they pour in the Slurpee mix....oh well....a bit of protein in the mix I guess.

6. I talk to my car...I've done this for as long as I can remember and every car I have ever owned (or that my parents have owned) has had a name. My current car (a cherry blue 93 Corsica) is named Bing....partially for ol' blue eyed Bing Crosby but mostly because of the paint color....cherry blue....cherry....bing!

Yes, I know.....I am a dweeb.


Danielle said...

eeek...hairplaying must run in the fam somehow...no bueno.

Kris said...

I used to chew on my hair until my grandma told me I would die if I kept doing that. well that adds to my death phobia.