Monday, October 27, 2008

Survived the Weekend

Well I may not have accomplished a ton this weekend but I am happy with the stuff I did.

For starters, I spent the night at my friend Cynthia's on Friday...her hubby is out of town for 2 weeks working with the polar bears again so it was a girl's weekend. Her daughter Kat had friends over and they watched Hercules (the Disney cartoon) while Cynthia, her daughter Sarah and I watched the new "Hulk" movie....frankly I really liked it though I was surprised to see just how small of a guy Tim Roth was. He just always seemed taller than that....

Saturday morning started slowly in that my back was out again (I knew I should have brought my icepack!) but a shower and some stretches soon had it moving a little more freely...we all piled into Cynthia's Jeep and went to see "High School Musical 3". I admit it....I would have gone even without the excuse of taking the kids! I mostly enjoyed it...there were a few slow spots I could have done without and a whole subplot with Sharpay and a new character that was completely unnecessary, but the dance/song routine for "the boys are back" was absolutely worth the price of admission.

As we took our seats Cynthia was teasing me because a guy was in line with us as we came in and started flirting with me...he was nice but not what I was interested in, given that he was outside smoking when we walked up and had hair longer than mine! (For the record my hair is past my shoulders). Anyway, she had fun teasing me about it. Cynthia's girls each had to be on a side of me so Kat and her friends sat on my left and Sarah, her friend and Cynthia ended up on my right. It was cute because Sarah was insisting that my right side was my "warm side" and ended up using me for a pillow for half of the movie. Turns out Kat used me as a pillow for part of the second half so I guess it was a good thing they brought me along.

Before the show started I noticed Jason's friend Julie sitting a few rows directly in front of me talking with someone sitting next to her. I was waiting for a chance to call out a "Hi" to her when I looked at who she was talking to. was another one of Jason's friends and next to them was another friend and another friend and then there was Jason! The little schmuck went to the movie with his friends and didn't invite me!!!!! Which was fine really but it was funny that they picked the same showing that we did. I called out to him and joked about looking forward to his scene which got Cynthia's girls all excited that they know someone (they've met Jase before)that had actually been on-set for HSM. We watched for him in the crowd but the camera pans so quickly that I didn't spot him. Bummer. All of us girls applauded Jason after the film ended anyway.

The only downside to the movie was sharing the auditorium with a bunch of hormone-filled Zac Efron fans. The movie opens with a close-up of Zac and several girls screamed. There's a scene in the locker room where you see him from behind pull off his shirt and pull on his jersey....the girls screamed. Actually towards the end there were more than just a few girls screaming and the adult in me wanted to yell out "he can't even hear you so freaking shut up!" a few times...but I didn't. I still don't see what the appeal is....seriously, if I were a teenager I'd be checking out Corbin Bleu.

Anyway, we went back to Cynthia's, whipped up the remaining wedding favors I had left for Yancy and Leah's wedding while "Ironman" played in the background and then Cynthia and I picked a bucket of apples and then made apple juice and cut up rings for the food dehydrator. I had so much fun that I didn't end up getting home until 11:30 and that was only with the promise that I would stay the night on Halloween since Cynthia and I are going to the temple the next morning.

All in all it was a little bit too much bending over and I woke up stiff and hunched over again on Sunday. I hated to do it but I skipped church since my back was hardly letting me shuffle off to the bathroom, let alone sit through several meetings. By the afternoon I was mostly upright, but still a bit stiff. Turns out it was probably a good thing I hadn't gone to church that morning because I ended up sitting at the stake center for 2 hours waiting to see the stake president for an interview (long story not worth going into). Afterwards I knew I didn't have it in me to stand in the kitchen cooking something real so I threw a couple of corndogs and some steak fries into the oven. Not nutritious but dang I love corndogs!

I whipped together my final paper for my internet commerce class but still have to review it before submitting it today for my grade.....watched a few episodes of "House, M.D." and then climbed into bed with an icepack.

And this morning? A little stiff, but upright. A little sore, but nowhere near yesterday morning. I just checked online and found that I am back in graphic arts classes this month....after my last 2 classes being more of a general requirement type I find I am getting pretty rusty on my design software so I am thrilled to be in classes again that will make me flex those design-program muscles! Of course with 2 classes this month I will be extremely busy but I am uber-excited about it...
no one freak if you get my voicemail most evenings this month as I am sure I will be busy working on various homework exercises and, yes, I still plan to get the Etsy thing online well as figure out what in the world I want to do for my Christmas cards this year.


Kris said...

AH the sound of screaming girls! Well I haven't even seen the first HSM. But my boyfriend that I had at 14, was one of the cameramen. I guess I better get with the times. I am glad your back is feeling better!

Miya said...

Every time I see Efron on the cover of a magazine I want to shove my fingers up my nostrils and dig into my brain.

Well, maybe it's not that bad, but still... I'm not understanding the obsession. But your post sort of reminded me of this comic:

I love Shrub Monkeys, when you get the chance, you should check out more of her stuff :) These ones are pretty darn funny too:

This is the first one I read that got me hooked!

Danielle said...

I'm glad the back wasn't too bad! That's funny that Jase was there too! :P That stinker! He's his own fan! I think I'd have lit the entire theater on fire with the annoying screaming! :P