Monday, October 6, 2008

Harvest Market

The setting: Sundance
Fall colors: couldn't be more perfect (just see above!)
Weather: ugh!

It literally rained cats and dogs this weekend at Sundance's Harvest Market....which sucked in terms of people actually attending the event. Seriously, what person wants to deliberately venture out into the cold wet and muck in order to shop?

Jase had his first ever booth and the weather refused to cooperate until the very end. It was sad and frustrating really...because of the weather it was pretty dark in the booth and there was no electricity run outside to set up lighting of any sort. The result was many of the people who braved the weather simply walked past his booth because it was too dark to see the beautiful colors he had on display. He did, however, receive a lot of compliments from a mentor of his who openly admitted that Jason's work was 2-3 times better than his own and who really sees his idea of Alphabetography taking off(see his website for details at: next weekend once it is up and running).

Compliments came from many of the market attendants as well. While many didn't purchase his works this weekend, several took business cards stating that they would love to take the time to peruse his website and order at a later date. Regardless of whether they purchase or not there was a lot of wonderful feedback regarding his work.

Let me step out of narration for a moment to address an issue I think needs to sink in: just because someone you know wants to buy your work DOES NOT mean that they are doing this out of charity. Your friends are the first ones who have had a chance to really look at your work and they want it because it appeals to them...not because they feel sorry for you...this in no way lessens the fact that many people love your work. Just remember, your artwork is now hanging in homes other than your own. I also think you have a great opportunity with that idea for Sundance.....go for it!

Okay, back to the narration.

Frankly, I loved working Jason's booth for the market....of course it didn't hurt that he did all of the real work by lugging all of the product and equipment from both of our cars. All I had to do was help set up and then enjoy the fun of speaking with the public that wandered in and out and past the booth. Seriously, I had a lot of fun there and have happily volunteered to do it all again! But I admit, this really is my sort of thing....I love craft fairs and festivals.

Oh yes, I mentioned my shopping. Well, mom's Christmas present is checked off the list. I bought Jason a set of fall tile coasters (yellow glaze with the buff colored tile peeking through the outline of fall leaves...very nice!) to help protect his kitchen table from moisture rings, and I bought myself a hot cocoa mug and a set of 3 small bowls for coarse salt and other "must-have-close-by" spices from this really neat pottery booth (I am a sucker for hand-thrown pottery!) I was happy to find out that Jesse plans to have his booth there again next year so I can buy more stuff!

Yes, the weather could have been better, but it was nice getting some precipitation finally after such a dry summer...and it made for some wonderful fog shots in an already gorgeous setting. The higher mountains received a blanket of snow as well which made for even lovelier shots contrasting between winter and fall...though it meant it was seriously chilly up there! I am happy to report, however, that they are going to push next year's Harvest Market forward by a couple of weeks to avoid the bad weather, which just resolved my conviction that I plan to have a booth at next year's Market.

After seeing what people are offering I saw no booths of homemade canned goods and I really think that my (ahem) unusual jams and jellies could seriously clean up...especially since there will probably be no competition. Trust me, once people try my pumpkin butter, pear butter, jalepeno jelly, triple berry jam, and lavendar jelly (not all in one spoonful though!) there is no going back to store-purchased everyday strawberry jams and grape jellies!

Plus, I have an entire year to whip up my product and, if for some reason a flavor fails to sell, then you can all guess what you will be getting for Christmas next year!

Bring on the Harvest Market!


Miya said...

I would definitely recommend setting up a booth! Homemade goodies are always my favourite, and usually the first to sell out! There's a woman at the Farmer's Market who sells little fruit breads that are absolutely freaking DELICIOUS, and very nicely priced I might add, but she always sells out by 8:30 (starts at 8!) so Roy and I have yet to catch her again!

shoezimm said...

Frankly I was surprised that no one else had a goodies booth (unless you count the guy who worked for Sundance who sat in the pavillion with pots of hot chocolate and coffee with an assortment of cookies on the side).

Maybe they think canned goods wouldn't rake in as much cash as the bigger items? The biggest seller I saw was the pottery guy who had teensy bowls that you could keep salt in to pull out by the pinch when cooking....he had a deal where you could get 3 for $10 and they were selling like hotcakes.

I bet you he easily made more money with a lot of the smaller thing than he did with all of his larger items....