Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hobnobbing with the stars....

Apparently I am not normal.

Bill is heading up to Park City today "for lunch" and to "get out of the inversion we're having right now" (so he says).

Dan is giving him crap for not offering to take me along so I can gawp at all of the movie stars milling around town. He is also giving me crap for not driving myself up there this last weekend and taking in the sights for myself.

I told him I really wasn't interested. Seriously, its not as if I really know any of these people and, lets face it, famous or not they are just people. Why would I drive up to Park City (especially in my gas fume ridden car!) just to stare at people I will never get a chance to really meet and be friends with? Besides, I am certain these people are tired of being stared at, photographed and hounded for autographs.

He looked at me as if I were nuts.

Of course, John Cleese is supposidly up there. He'd be fun to meet, if only to tell Miya about the experience......may be I should ask Bill for a ride.


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Miya said...

That's funny, when I first started reading this post my first thought was, "But John Cleese is there!" LOL you know me well.