Monday, January 5, 2009

Its official

My weight loss blog has gone private and, while pics probably won't be posted for another day (my camera battery charger was finally found last night and is charging up my drained battery as we speak!) pics WILL be posted shortly, along with new measurements. I think my goal of a pound-and-a-half a week is not unrealistic and I am happy to say that I accomplished this goal for last week! Yeah me!

Okay, a few people have mentioned wanting access to the weight loss blog but I'll need your email addresses to send you an official invite. Email your address to (its an old address so I don't mind giving it out here) if you want me to send you an invite....however, do not be upset if you send me your address and I respond with a gentle "no" a heads-up, this will probably happen if you are male.

I have a lot of unpacking finished in my room and its coming together, though I can't find the box that my staple gun is in! must be somewhere in the basement. I'll have to organize those boxes downstairs anyway so I may as well get it over with so I can keep an eye out for the gun and a few other items that somehow slipped into the basement against my wishes. I still have to decide which pictures I want to put up on my walls since I have far too many pictures for the amount of wallspace in my room...

As far as crafts go the good news is that I FOUND MY PICTURES! Whee! These are the ones I was going to work up into blank cards for Etsy so I bundled up all of my cardstock I'd (smartly) hauled off to the office back into the trunk of my car and tonight I plan to work up a few sets. For bad news I must say that the most crocheting I did this weekend (sadly) was starting a dishcloth and then setting it aside as Sam insisted that yarn was for chewing, not crafting. As much of a "helper" as he wants to be I just can't get mad at him for getting in the way.

I got my Christmas present from my mom on Friday (a beautiful kit in fall colors of a leafy crochet bracelet). While I didn't have the time this weekend to crochet it its sitting on my bookshelf and I am anxious to start working on it. It may be a few days, however, as I really want to work up a few more items to put up on Etsy. She also sent me a knit woolen cap in gorgeous colors that is not only light and not bulky but looks darling on me! Its a good thing too since the one I bought last year off of Etsy is a tad too small and keeps slipping up my head until it falls off! Oh, and mom, I love the tag for your shop....very oh la la french peasant.

New Years was fairly uneventful for me...I headed off for bed around 10:30, read for awhile and was probably asleep by 10:30 or 10:45. Of course I woke up at midnight when our neighbors let off some fireworks (I still have no idea why people think setting off fireworks at the stroke of midnight is a good idea when fuddy-duddy's like me want to get some sleep!)

I pretty much spent NY day unpacking a little, then watch a movie, unpack some more and then watch another movie. It took several days at that pace but I ended up watching the entire Star Wars trilogy (in chronological order)....of course by the time I got to "Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi" I was getting so burnt out on Star Wars that I kept working while the movies played in the background! Luckily I've seen the "old" movies so many times that I could probably still recite them word-for-word so its not like I missed much. Maybe I should have had a Lord of the Rings marathon instead...or, even better, first watched the old "King Kong" and then the Peter Jackson remake! Oh well, I am sure there will be at least one other lazy weekend in my future for this year.....

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