Monday, January 19, 2009

What the frak?

Anyone else disappointed in the identity of the 12th cylon? Seriously, with all this hype and waiting to find out who the final cylon was I thought they'd make it someone a little more controversial. Personally I was rooting for it being Tom Zarek, currently the acting President of the Colonial Fleet. For those not in the loop, Tom Zarek is played by Richard Hatch, who played the lead character of Apollo in the original series. The thought of the original Apollo as the final Cylon is just so deliciously twisted, however, since no one asked for my opinion, I guess that opportunity is now lost forever.....

Oh well.

Just 9 episodes left and then the series is over.

Its a bummer about Earth....and what does anyone think the deal is with Starbuck? Is she reincarnated or do we think its a big, elaborate hoax? She is, after all, the harbringer of death to the human race (if we believe the hybrid that is).

Guess it will be a few more weeks and then we'll know.....

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