Friday, January 23, 2009

Rise of the Lycans

4:40 this afternoon will find me in a darkened theater, popcorn in hand, excitedly witnessing just how the Lycan uprising went down.

I am hoping that the movie will include Selene's family tragedy and the begin of Viktor's downfall. I checked this morning and (seeing as how she is listed on the cast sheet) hooray, it will! Of course we probably won't see the supremely butt-kicking Selene we know from "Underworld", but I'm glad that Kate is reprising her role. Kraven is listed in the cast as well, but as he was supposed to be Viktor's right-hand-vampire during this time I guess I shouldn't be so surprised there.

For those who have not watched "Underworld" (or even know what I am talking about)well, there's not much I can say as to how excited I am that the final chapter is finally out. The second movie left me a bit cold as it took a few turns too many into the odd and unnecessary, but I have high hopes for this final installment. Miya will probably point out that I am really going to see Michael Sheen in action.....and I admit she's somewhat right, I really do think he's a bit of a hottie and have no objection to watching a movie that is centered a lot more around his character. I also admit that ever since the first movie I really have wanted to see more of Lucien and crew's backstory, other than the small flashback scene.

so let the Lycans rise...

and yes, I know its rated R.

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mywest said...

I guess I'm just not with it...I don't know what Underworld is about unless its perhaps vampires?

Hope you enjoyed the movie and I know you will keep me updated with your Blog.___Love, DAD