Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I know its a day early but....

Today I realized that a friend of mine is dead. Not in-the-ground dead...they are still walking, talking, breathing...but they are dead inside. They've given up. Life dumped a little too much on them and they just gave up. I am sure that it wasn't all at once, but they are just going through the motions now and there's really nothing left of the person they once were.

I am not saying that is going to happen to me....but it has been a bit of a wake-up call. So much of my life has been spent fiddle-farting around and not taking advantage of so many of the opportunities that have come my way. I don't want to wake up one morning and find that I no longer feel that life is worth living. I'll probably not get anywhere near as far as I'd like to with these goals (I have a long track record of good intentions falling by the wayside) but I am still detirmined to make this work.

Goal #1 is probably the same as most of America...lose some weight. Most of you do not know that I started another blog last wasn't private, but I didn't broadcast it either. In fact, my name and all identifying information are not listed anywhere in the blog. This blog consisted of my daily weigh-ins, my current body measurements, my food diary and my current state-of-being (my back being out, water retention, sugar addiction, etc). I let that blog fall by the wayside and now I have started it up again. It will, however, now be private. If anyone is interested just let me know and I will invite you to the site, but I will warn you that it won't be pretty. It'll have some very scary numbers listed and, as of tomorrow evening, it will have pictures showing just how bad I let it all get (no there won't be nudies but I doubt everyone I know will want to see a picture of me in my undies with my gut hanging over and a close-up of my cottage cheese thighs and varicose veins!) This goal includes spending January weaning myself off of sugar and then February getting off of the soda pop.

Goal #2 get my Etsy shop really humming by finally developing a lot of those ideas I've had for crafts. I'm happy that I finally opened the shop, but I need to put some real merchandise on there.

Goal #3 learn more about the programs that I use for school--Adobe's Photoshop, In Design and Illustrator...there is so much that these programs are able to do that I don't know about. I'm actually pretty excited to see what I can do once I know my "way around the block" so to speak.

Goal #4 get serious about photography. Its not enough to want to snap photos...I need to start learning about the ins and outs of good photography. I really don't intend to sell my stuff, but I want to learn all I can and start looking for better photo opportunities.

I guess the point to this blog is to say more that I want to live my life a lot fuller than I have up until this point. Not that this means I will be having much of a social life...between work and school I already didn't have one and adding some goals in there will cramp that even more but I do want to be a little more....alive.


mywest said...

Life is such a beautiful thing and we should do all we can to preserve it. We don't know what tomorrow will bring or what obstacles we will have to face. The goal is to not let it beat us down where we just give up any hope and as you say walk, talk breath but are dead inside.
Read my last blog and you will see what mom and I are facing together....I would have liked to have called all my children but it would have been too hard to have that conversation.
I need a support system to stop eating my way through my problems and realize live goes on and I had better make the best of it. No I won't have a blog with pictures because that really won't help me. I just need to know and understand why I'm I eating right now. Understand that is it just a craving, or ???. I need to eat to live not live to eat. A bag of chips and a sandwich just go together but for us perhaps no. I love a bag of crunch but have to realize its best for me not to have this. No one can offer us anything to get us to change a habit, it has to be something inside us that helps us to want to change how we deal with any issue's we need to face. I love to see how Mom turns to her heavenly father is times of great needs and acknowledges his support and is willing to except his will. I don't need to be invited to your private blog but just want to be a support to you.
Love, DAD

Kris said...

Hey better keep me n this. I will help with as much support as you want! I'm here!