Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Dream Come True....

I am such a dweeb but I am getting excited to see "The Nutcracker" performed live at the Covey Center this Saturday!!!!


No, I mean it. I am nearing a "peeing my pants" excitement here.

I have wanted to see "The Nutcracker" live ever since I was a teenager, it just never panned out. I can't recall how the conversation started but my friend Cynthia and I mentioned how neither of us had ever seen it performed and how we both wanted to. We said something about it'd be nice to see it together and then the conversation moved on.....until I noticed my friend Cortney's post on Facebook that he was performing in the Covey Center's performance.

A lot has tried to keep me from going....Cynthia and my different schedules, the fact that I am moving, packing, painting, etc....but we are scheduled to catch the matinee this weekend.

Of course this is bound to shock a few people....namely my parents who shelled out hard-earned money for ballet lessons in the hopes of turning their overweight, tomboy daughter into something a little more graceful (we all know how THAT turned out...I am about the biggest klutz you're likely to run into). Lets face it, I have no aptitude for the graceful arts.... however, while I have no talent for ballet I sincerely love to watch it.

Did I mention I was excited?

Oh, and on a happy note...Jasper's infection is fading fast!


kat said...

congradulations! and enjoy! i am seeing rent next month, but i think i would rather goto the nutcracker anyday!

shoezimm said...

Actually I would enjoy seeing Rent...I really am a sucker for musicals as well!

Miya said...

Roy took me to see the Nutcracker two years ago when we spent Christmas snowboarding in Colorado, and he fell asleep!

mywest said...

I remember those days...perhaps you don't wear the ballerina slippers anymore but you were pretty cute all decked out. At least its still alive in your mind and sparked a desire and love for the various arts.
Love, DAD

Leah Z said...

I am so excited for you.

All of the great invitations I got while at BYU were because someone got dumped.

-- U2 concert when my home teacher got dumped,
-- Peter Brienhold private concert when friend's flame left for mission,
-- and perhaps best of all, the Nutcracker when my roommate dumped the guy who had received revelation they would get married.

It's amazing. You're going to love it.

And sometime, when you're in Seattle, we'll go see it at the Pacific Northwest Ballet. This production is my favorite because Maurice Sendak designed the sets.

shoezimm said...

Miya...I hope you enjoyed the production...even if Roy wasn't able to stay awake for it!

Dad...I have a picture of my ballet class all dressed up and you're right, I was cute...just not light on my feet at all...maybe I should have taken tap classes.....

Leah--ITS A DATE! I had a calendar of Maurice's Nutcracker sets that I held onto for years (which was lost in one of my moves and I've never found another--poo!)I not only love Sendak's work but those sets looked amazing!