Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Got this candy bar from Target the other day and, while its really good, the spices keep you from eating more than one square at a time...great diet incentive I suppose for the gal who (like me) tends to inhale entire chocolate bars in about 30 seconds. Its the Target "Choxie" brand, which is actually fairly expensive....on average about $1 per oz. This "Dark Chocolate Ceylon Spice Bar" comes in a 3 oz box (yes, it cost $3) and is dark chocolate spiced with cinnamon, pepper and toasted cacao bean nibs.

Sound gross?

Well I decided to take a shot at it. To be honest I didn't even notice the pepper and bean nib content until I was in the car and opening the package.

On first nibble you get a nice dark chocolate taste (which is somewhat bitter and not sweet like your everyday milk chocolate) and you hardly taste the cinnamon at all...just a hint. Upon swallowing you finally taste the pepper...at the back of your throat. While not an unpleasant sensation it certainly causes you to hesitate for a moment as chocolate and pepper are not a common combination. Tasty...but not common. Maybe its just my taste buds but while I know the bean nibs were there (that would be the crunchy bits scattered throughout the bar) you really don't taste them against the bitterness of the dark chocolate like I thought I would.

All-in-all it is an interesting experience...out of the 6 squares that come in this bar I still have 4 left and I purchased this 3 days ago. So from a "gotta lose weight and eat less chocolate" standpoint this would probably be a safe bet to have stashed in your emergency drawer, but at $3 per "bar" I am not sure I would want to invest in these for any long-term purposes unless it went on a massive sale.


mywest said...

I guess for the choc-la-halic.. this might be a good way to curb the craving. Just don't get to where you like the pepper/chocolate taste...
Love, DAD

Miya said...

Dark chocolate has been a lifesaver for me, since I only ever feel like eating a tiny bit (whereas with milk chocolate, I'll end up scarfing an entire bar in seconds!). Lucie and I were at the World Market and looking at all these pepper chocolate bars and thinking, "EWWWWWW who eats this stuff?" Heh, well, we now know at least one person who does! :D