Thursday, December 4, 2008

Its official

The roommate closes on the house on the 9th so that weekend I'll be painting my new bedroom and packing up in preparation for the official move on the 20th.

Annie and I discussed the pros and cons and decided to move over a lot of the smaller items before the big day and then we're splitting the cost of having big burly movers haul over the heavy you're all off of the hook for helping me move. Actually its a relief now that we've secured the movers because I would feel horrible having friends hauling my crap around so soon after the last time...especially since there isn't a lot of heavy lifting that I feel comfortable doing right now with my back still bothering me. Sure its a lot better, but not good enough that I want to spend two hours lifting couches and entertainment centers.

Of course that means I will be moving in about 2 weeks time--yikes! I feel a little anxious, but mostly I feel pretty good....after all, a lot of my stuff is still in boxes from my previous move (I never fully got around to unpacking at this place) and most of those boxes can go straight down to the basement to be dealt with at a later time. A lot of the stuff that is unpacked in my room is in storage bins that will be easy enough to move on my own so my room won't really be too much of an issue....

I just wish the timing were a little better. The week before Christmas isn't exactly the best time for this....then again I DO have two 4-day weekends right after I move. While I plan to spend part of Christmas over at Jason's I will still have a couple of days that weekend, and then all of the New Years weekend to really get stuff unpacked and organized.

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