Monday, December 1, 2008



I leave work tonight to come to class and I stop dead at this absolutely gorgeous sunset....

The sky was a pale peach where it kissed the earth and then ran skyward in streaks of a storm-kissed berry blue, streaks of grape sorbet, tropical punch pink/red and a pale lavender surrounding the crescent moon, which shone valiantly through thickening clouds.

I stood there in awe of this glorious sight for several minutes before reaching into my purse for my camera so I could capture the beauty before me when I realized the horrible truth....

My camera wasn't in my was sitting at home where it wasn't doing me a darn bit of good.

So I went the less-satisfactory route and snapped a few pics on my camera phone. Needless to say they look terrible.

The moral of the story? Always take time to watch the sunsets and sunrises presented to you in life, for each one is unique and will not be repeated.

And don't forget to pack your camera.


mywest said...

Isn't it true..I'm just thankful for the memory's.... what I call my rocking chair memory's, where I can reflect on past moments and remember them the way I have recorded them in my mind. Pictures sure do help clear out the fog that comes with older age. Hope you days are filled with rainbows.
Love, DAD

Kris said...

I was driving Brycen to school Tuesday morning and it was beautiful as the sun rose. And I too was without the camera...which Maddie decided to chew me out for that one. I am happy to know that she sees the beauty in it!

Christine said...

Bummer, I hate when that happens. Even thought it was cloudy here I could picture it with the words you painted with. Thank you. At those moments in time I try to take a moment for myself and realize God created that for me to enjoy so I do.
Love you,
Aunt Chris