Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wherefore art thou camera?

That was about the way of it this morning; channeling my inner Shakespeare as I wandered the house in search of my camera. Spouting quotes as I dodged playing cats and an overly helpful dog.

Didn't find it....maybe its not a Shakespeare fan....

Of course this means that I need to clean my room so that I can find it because I have bracelets that I made over the weekend for Etsy that I still need to photograph.

I should clean my room anyway, since its really an unorganized mess right now.

Later note:

On a whim I decided to look in my car and, wouldn't you know it, there it was...sitting on the backseat, tucked up against a 12-pack of Pomegranate Diet 7-Up (I'm stockpiling the stuff for the "off season"). Darn it....that means I COULD have snapped a shot of that sunset last night! Given today's weather I don't think there will be much of a sunset tonight either...

But at least I can snap shots of my bracelets and finally get them onto Etsy! I have classes through Thursday so I will put them online on Friday, along with a set of cards. With my PC acting up (freezing and crashing non-stop) it'll be hard for me to get a lot of other shots off of it but at least I managed to get my winter trees pics on a disk! sigh.....I need to save up and get an external hard drive after the holidays so I can save everything on my compy before taking it in to the doctor.

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