Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday Weekend Here I Come.....

I ended up getting all day tomorrow off!!!!!

Originally I was going to work a half day tomorrow and then zip over to Jason's to begin baking for the holidays but the powers that be (a.k.a. Bill and Dan) decided to let me have the whole day off!

Including my vacation day on friday that means this girl is looking at a 5 DAY WEEKEND (oh yeah....oh yeah.....)

Of course tomorrow and thursday will be at Jason's and then friday and saturday will be moving the last of my crap over to the house and cleaning up the duplex but that'll give me sunday to play with my crafts!

And since I have all of next week off of school I will have the evenings to finish unpacking before I get a 4-day weekend (using another vacation day next friday) in which to REALLY play with my crafts....WHEE!!!!!!

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mywest said...

For part of your baking...try a basic sugar cookie recipe and add M&M's on top and bake...See if they are close to Safeway's cookies...I have talked with the baker at Safeway and they just use a store ordered frozen sugar cookie thats pre-shaped...thaw it and add the M&M's and bake......I can order there sugar cookie dough but try this first...Let me know how it works out...