Monday, December 22, 2008

Well I survived the weekend....


While there are still a few carloads of stuff at the duplex, we are mostly moved in to the new home.

Thank goodness.

Friday afternoon I went to get the U-Haul and boy was that white-knuckle time! Annie drove us down to the U-Haul center and the snow was just starting to fall. By the time we left with our 17-foot truck the roads were an ice sheet and traffic was crawling between 5-10 mph and everyone was still sliding all over the road. The fastest we were able to go the entire drive home was 18! The drive that took us 10 minutes to get to U-Haul took us nearly 40 to get back!

We made a short stop at Target for some heavy free-standing storage cabinets that are now leaning against the kitchen wall waiting for assembly (and I need to pick up a tall bookshelf for my dvds since one of my small bookcases didn't survive the move) If anyone in the area is interested and able to work with tools...I'm serious...If they are willing to help me haul the bookshelf box here from Wal-Mart, and then will assemble said bookshelf and both cabinets, I'll gladly pay them $75 for the job (that's $25 per item to assemble, which is what WalMart would have charged me for assembly anyway). The sooner the better...I would love to be using those things by the end of this weekend. When you're tired of moving and all it entails, you'll gladly shell out cash to make your life a bit easier!

Well our friday help bailed out on us (not worth going into)...which is why there is still stuff at the house right now; after 2 completely full loads in the U-Haul and one small trip in the van our movers brought we'd run out of time to do that last load. Basically the kitchen is only partially packed and there's still everything that was under my bed (its not as bad as it sounds...its wrapping paper, my telescope, my art easel and a bunch of picture frames)and a few random boxes worth of stuff. Oh, and I still have all of the art on the walls because I didn't want any of the glass to be broken in the move (as it was I lost several jars of canned fruit that was dropped but it could be worse).

I am not sure what all Annie has left in the duplex but today and tomorrow I will grab a load after work (today I tackle the kitchen and remaining foodstuffs!) One load won't be too hard to haul over and I'll still have time afterwards to keep unpacking my other stuff. I'll be at Jase's wednesday night and then I don't think I will move a thing on thursday. I have all day friday off and then the weekend so I plan to be done by Saturday night.

As of this moment my room is mostly together...I slept on my own bed Saturday night, however it was without sheets. I was smart enough to toss a garbage bag with my fleecy/fake fur throw blanket and a pillow into my car so I was able to find that in time for bed. Yesterday's unpacking found the rest of my bedding so it was with warm sheets, wool blanket and a cozy quilt that I drifted to sleep last night.

As for the cats...Jasper really freaked out. It probably didn't help that I shut them up in the bathroom while everything was moved so they could hear a lot of noise and didn't really know what was happening. I'd go in the bathroom to check on them and Jasper was curled up hiding between the toilet and the shower...Sammy was snoozing in the sink and wasn't worried at all! By the time I came to get the cats I literally stuffed Jasper in the cat carrier (he wasn't about to get in there willingly) and then I carried Sam since he's still pretty small (I need to get a second carrier now that I have 2 cats).

At the new place I put them in Annie's room along with Fluffy while we took the U-Haul back. I figured it would help calm Jasper down since he loves that dog but we came back to a very upset cat....I have no idea where he's found to hide but he has some good spots since we've had problems finding him from time-to-time. He started exploring yesterday and he's eating again so he's calming down. He loves all of the windows in the house (as do I....its wonderful having light in every room again!) but its also a slight problem: as I was leaving this morning Jasper was sitting at the window and looking decidedly peeved at me! What about Sammy, you ask? Try happy-happy-happy, pouncy-pouncy-pouncy and apparently having no problems with his new home in the least.

And today? This morning dawned a lovely misty gray with the icicles on the house dripping so I was in such a great mood on my way to work. An hour later the skies opened up and a ton of snow has dumped on my car. People are sliding all over the place because they are driving too fast and me? Thankfully I'm just grabbing the one load tonight but its definitly going to include my teapot and a couple of cans of hot cocoa!

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mywest said...

Too bad you had to deal with the snow issues while trying to move....I understand the white knuckle stories and will admit for the most part they are behind me. Perhaps one more move after a
I retire to where.....who knows?
Love, DAD