Saturday, May 17, 2008


(Jase, skip the first paragraph if you'd like...the whole post isn't about the cat)

Yesterday was quite the day. Took the cat in to be neutered, shot full of boosters (ha ha) and microchipped. All I can say is he will never darken their door again. Maybe I just hit them on a bad day but I have never seen a more mis-managed company who managed to not only screw up more than once but were completely unprofessional to boot. Frankly I don't want to go into it because its not in the least bit funny (maybe in hindsight down the line) but I am extremely happy I didn't let them declaw Jasper, seeing how they handle their "patients". I realized yesterday anyway that it wasn't so much the claws that were the problem now that he's getting older, but its the teeth. He still bites and chews a lot but I think he will grow out of that abd now that the testosterone will be leaving his system he'll start calming down a bit.

It was a long long long day between work, having to deal with the vet's incompetence, and then Annie had already purchased us tickets to a 6:45 show that I was not about to miss. I just feel like I spent most of my day running non-stop so it was nice to finally get to the Scera Theater, sit down and relax. Surprisingly, the theater (at least for the 6:45 showing) was practically empty. We saw "Prince Caspian" and Annie says she liked it, considering she had no idea what was going to happen since she has never read the books.

As for me....I loved parts of it immensily, and other parts I wasn't so thrilled with. To extend the book into movie length we spend a lot of time with King Miras and learning about him and his people. Dull. I kept wanting us to get back to Caspian and the Narnians. On the whole I really liked the movie and will end up adding it to my dvd collection when it is released and I am really looking forward to "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" mostly because I loved that book so much..."Prince Caspian" is my least favorite of the Narnian Chronicles. Repicheep is absolutely darling (and yet so dashingly courageous at the same time). The fact that they let Eddie Izzard voice him was perfect....but then I love Eddie's wit....I just wish he wasn't always so blasphemous in his humor (in real life, not in the movie!) I keep telling myself one of these days I am going to splice together the best of Eddie on a CD and cut out some of the jokes (his Sean Connery version of Noah's Ark is hysterical!)

The first preview shown at the theater was for the next Mummy movie (Dragon Emperor) and while there is a new gal playing Evie (Maria Bello with dark hair...Rachel Weitz wasn't about to leave her young children long enough to stay in China making a movie--kuddos to her!) it still has Rick and Jonathan and looks to be filled with as much humor and COOLNESS as the first two. Once the crowd realized what it was being shown we all let out a cheer. Okay, so I was the first and then everyone else joined in, clapping and cheering...that's not the point...the point is I am not the only idiot out there excited about this!

Oh, and I bought Annie and I tickets to see "Indiana Jones" next Thursday....can't wait to see it!


Kris said...

So I should wait and buy the DVD for the kids instead of going to the movies? Thank you for the review. I'm glad too that you did not De Claw the cat. And what is up with Jason and not liking cats? I thought he liked BeBa? And he didn't seem to dislike our cat Willy.

Miya said...

No de-clawing please! Did you know it's illegal in most countries? If you get him used to having his claws trimmed now that he's a baby he'll let you do it with no problems in the future.

shoezimm said...

I know its illegal in most countries and considered inhumane but its hard to keep those things in mind when you have a vet who firmly believes in declawing and advocates it (on all four paws mind you!). Jasper is used to being rolled up in a towel and submitting to the claw trim, he just leaves fang marks behind as a form of protest! Kris, the kids would probably like the movie quite a bit but they might not follow the whole sub-plot of the king and his minions...I even got confused at a couple of parts as to who was on whose side because the baddies all have it in for one another.

Miya said...

Wow, your vet is weird. Seriously. I would definitely find a new one. There's a few mainstream vet's offices in the area by we go to a little local place and we love it.