Thursday, May 22, 2008

Still Miffed......

over that article; so miffed that I just wrote my opinion to Reuters feedback. I not only gave them a link to my blog but I also cut and pasted it in the body of my message to be sure they read it. I don't expect to hear anything back from it but I feel better having put my frustrated two-cents out there.

Seriously....maybe fat people really do help towards creating problems on a global sense but we are not the only ones out there eating and eating and eating....I have known people who make tons of stuff and leave it to rot because they never get around to eating it(is that not wasteful and bad?)and what about we Americans cheering and rooting for those stupid pie-eating and hotdog contests at fairs? I have NEVER eaten even one pie in a sitting or half a dozen hotdogs--let alone what they choke down in a matter of minutes. I do not frequent all-you-can-eat buffets and go hogwild (heck I can't even eat enough to justify the cost of going to a buffet).

I do not see that a generalized study pointing blame at a single group can be all that accurate. And as for it takes more gas to haul our massive porking butts around, I do not take long drives guzzling up gas just cruising places...heck I even moved so I am now only a mile from work to save on gas and my car is fairly economical. You can't state fat people are using unfair amounts of fossil fuels when you have people out there cruising around in freaking Hummers, limosines and private jets!

Okay....maybe I am a lot more steamed than I really thought. I just really really hate stereotyping. As if I didn't already know that being overweight is bad for my health now I have to have the internet screaming at me that we chunky monkeys are single-handedly killing the planet!


Miya said...

You tell it. I'm sick of people always making the assumption that if you're overweight, then you obviously do nothing but eat and watch tv all day. I even had a doctor who straight up told me to 'lay off the Pringles and the Frappiccinos' before even listening to a word I'd said. Sterotypes = FAIL. Then again I had a vegan come up to me and yell at me saying that because I eat meat, I'm fueling global warming and that if you have ever eaten meat then you have no grounds to complain about global warming. Some people are just weird.

Teachinfourth said...

Well, better global warming than freezing, right?

Yeah, I don't know where people come up with this junk either.

annette said...

I question most "studies" out there anyway- but this one seems pretty obvious to me-BS.

Now here was a study that I thought was a riot: