Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Opening yourself up to new experiences

For the observant among you kuddos if you noticed my new blog ties in with my new ID pic. Yes, I am soaking wet in the shot.

On my way home from school I drive alongside UVSC. Tonight as I passed the baseball field I noticed all of the sprinklers alongside the road spraying in full force. I thought wistfully again of running in the sprinkler when I was a child and told myself I would set the sprinkler up tomorrow after work and continued on my way.

Surprisingly though I pulled a U-turn and drove back to the sprinklers. Pulled over and walked down that long line of spray and mist and back again. Sheer heaven.

Of course some cars driving along slowed as they witnessed the crazy lady getting totally soaked (and I mean totally--my car seat will probably still be wet in the morning!) but who cares what they may or may not have thought about it. I was happy. For a brief span of time I was 5 again, running through sprinklers and loving the way the water would trickle down my cheeks.

Home now, dressed in warm flannel pjs and getting ready for bed but I am still smiling, happy that I pulled over.


Kris said...

I want to thank you for the sheer pleasure of a giggle! I remember a girl that looked like you running through sprinklers!Oh wait it was you! In that house up in Addy, the yellow one, where Lindsy and I first came to visit. You also used to whack the flies off your mom when she would lay in the sun. Never walk away from pleasures that bring you back to your childhood! Love you!

Danielle said...

That's so awesome!! I love to do silly things like that that make you feel young. Never stop doing that!

annette said...

Yea for you! Happy memories are always worth re-living.

PS I love the new pic!