Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Watch out fatties...YOU are the cause of global warming!!!!

Just read a report on MSN that Reuters released stating that fat people contribute HEFTILY (pun intended) toward global warming in that you are fat, therefore you stuff your fat face all day long and will one day create a food shortage. Crap, I've heard this song before when a classmate wrote in my yearbook that my family was poor because of me. Why didn't I listen to him back then? I am SO SORRY world for not taking that to heart and really looking at how I affected society as a whole.

Really, lets clear a few things up here.....not all fatties are porkers...we just choose the wrong stuff to, well, stuff ourselves with. And if I am being truthful I should also admit I have not done a serious exercise workout since before I was married! Honestly, my skinny ex-hubby ate me under the table...he'd polish off his dinner and the rest of mine on a regular basis!

If the world wants to point the finger at overeaters in general as a contributor to global troubles then they should take a good hard look at the skinny chicks who binge and purge and the high metabolism power eaters rather than take the easy way out and say that fat people are eating us all out of house and home. Way bad Reuters....I thought better of you once....I thought you published REAL STUDIES based on fact, not bias.

Here's the link if anyone is interested.

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