Wednesday, October 24, 2007

2 Days and 2.8 Tons

In two days I have loaded, unloaded, boxed up and shipped 2.8 tons of just one of our switches (its actually more since I also freighted out some light modules and other styles of switches but that's still pretty dang impressive) Its no wonder I am tired (but happy with the accomplishment)!

Of course that's not the only reason I am tired: its mostly a serious lack of sleep. I have nightmares that wake me and keep me up...for a girl who doesn't have nightmares it has been very disturbing. Yesterday I managed to get about 6 hours of sleep but since Saturday I have averaged around 4-5 a night. I think one of the reasons I slept fairly well last night was (not only my exhaustion) but I went for a drive around the southern part of the lake after work. It was a beautiful afternoon and I enjoyed it very much. Stopped to stroke the nose of a horse along the roadway (who was very friendly) and just generally unwound. Of course as soon as I pulled into the driveway the world crashed in again--a friend called with her daily list of complaints and then Cynthia wanted me to meet her at Reams so she could borrow Transformers and to give me the jars of pumpkin butter that I'd left cooling at her place last Saturday.

So I listened, and I drove....came home, set the box of canned pumpkin butter on the kitchen floor, heated up some leftovers, popped in a movie and then was in bed by 9. Lucie woke me at 10 but I don't think I was on the phone with her for long...I was fairly out of it by then...and only woke up twice. Of course, both those times had me lying there in the dark for a good hour or two but I still feel a lot better this morning. I missed a couple of good lake shots on my way home last night (ran out of juice on the battery) so I think I will swing out that way again tonight after I pick up Jason's computer...I had planned to drive all the way around the lake Saturday but that will have to wait. Oh well, something delicious to look forward to.

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