Monday, October 15, 2007

This means war....

Well the "live catch" trap has done fact I don't think the thing is really even working since the door was such a pill to set up! Did a serious "put-away" this weekend--cleaning stuff stored on the counters, started emptying the boxes of desk stuff that have been sitting in the spare room and there is mouse poo all over the place! Ugh! No place seems to be sacred except the bathroom countertop...but just because he hasn't pooed there doesn't mean he hasn't been exploring! The little stinker has GOT TO GO! He came out a couple of times from under the stove to look at me while I was sweeping the floor and is getting used to me--NOT GOOD!

Went out yesterday and bought two "quick kill" mousetraps...mouse goes in and doesn't come out. The problem is that I feel hideous for just having the traps in the house--so much that they are still sitting on the countertop, unset. I know its just a mouse but its still a living and breathing creature (and kinda cute in its own stinker-like way). Its the idea that its gonna hurt....I honestly don't want to know what the killing method is inside that round canister! I know the packaging says "instant kill" and that the mouse is supposidly dead before it knows what hit it but what if it isn't quick? I don't want the poor thing taking its sweet time to die.

Just going to have to go home tonight, gird up my loins, set the traps and be done with it. Just remember him pooing on my favorite fall jacket and BE TOUGH! I am all for nature and such...just not when it invades my home! Now lets hope it hasn't invited the fam in for the winter--one mouse is more than enough!


Yancy said...

set those traps and get that thing out of there! gross!!

haha, my friends had a mouse they tried to catch. Seems he only liked to dine on expensive European chocolate that my friend brought back from her trip. She was so angry. haha.

I don't know that they ever caught that little bugger.

shoezimm said...

Well I haven't gotten the boxes down off the fridge to check yet but I've heard some crunching from that area....I think he likes my cereal selection! Yes, the traps will be set...I just feel cruel for doing it, but then I did give the live trap a chance.