Monday, October 1, 2007

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Wonderful weekend...was up canning at Cynthia's until 3 in the morning and then couldn't sleep for another hour but it was fun. Finally crawled out of bed (officially) at 11 and saw beautiful rain coming down...showered, ate and got ready to head over to Cynthia's to pick up my canning spoils and had to do a double take--it was a snow storm outside! WOW! Grabbed my camera and snapped a bunch of pics on my way to Cynthia's and then stood outside her house shivering as I took photog after photog of her flower garden covered in snow. I ended up using my battery completely over there (I seriously need to look into getting a second battery!) and got some cute shots of the girls making a snowman (yes, there was enough snow for a full-size snowman!) I'll put a couple in here but I have so many I wanna post on Deviantart that I don't know where to start. I know I said I'd have the other pics posted there on Friday but its been a bit of a zoo lately getting ready for the trade show this next weekend (eek!) that I am lucky I remember anything else right now! I have the group of photos narrowed down and will decide officially this evening after work so they SHOULD be on by tomorrow morning.


Miya said...

Hey, I now have a "decoy" blog. It's going to be 100% family friendly (notice that marilyn manson was even removed from the music list!) and open to teh publics (no friends only shtuff).

shoezimm said...

So long as I get to still visit the original site!