Wednesday, October 31, 2007

NO! No. no? .......crap.......

Soda is the pits to stop drinking--caffeinated or no. I gotta be strong, have to say no, have to remember kidneys deteriorating under the strain and that lovely little disclaimer on each can of "produces cancer in lab rats" (hmmm....maybe I should be letting the mouse at home have a few sips) Keep in mind that oh so gross fact that if you leave a steak in a bowl of Coke for a couple of days it will be completely eaten away...for that matter you can apparently do the same with nails but it takes a bit longer. Cops supposidly carry cola products to wash away blood stains at car accidents and crime scenes....and the manufacturers of Pepsi supposidly use the product to clean off their engines (I really don't believe that one since pop is pretty dang sticky!)But if even one of the above is true, just think of what its doing to my poor little intestinal tract (come to think of it I really am chewing a lot of antacids lately...proly because not only am I swigging tons of pop but I've also downed a lot of jalepeno poppers in the last week--darn these new addictions!)

So it comes down to me saying fare-thee-well Cherry Coke, toodles Black Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper, and just say NO to Henry Weinhardt tall and frothy cream soda from the long neck bottle..... oh who am I kidding!?


Miya said...

My art teacher used to pour 2-liter bottles of Coke down the sink after kids washed paint down there. Apparently it's good for cleaning pipes and cheaper than Drano :P

shoezimm said... I needed even more graphic images (pauses....takes sip) KIDDING! Actually I do still have two pops in the fridge calling my name but I also have two kidneys screaming so (for now anyway) the kidneys are winning.