Monday, October 22, 2007

what a weekend....

For those readers NOT in the family, we got bad news this friday. In the midst of sadness good things still happened this weekend: I went to a friends house and canned about 2 dozen jars of pumpkin butter (yum!) so I will be eating that for awhile to come. I love going to Cynthia's house--it may be loud at times and very distracting but its a comfortable place to go and just flop on the couch when you need to not be by yourself anymore (thanks again honey for wanting to be sure I have somewhere to go for Christmas!) I also found out that my sister went ahead with her plans to "sneak off to the courthouse" and get married...just got some of the pictures printed up at WallyWorld and I am soon to be off to pick them up (can't say it enough Miya--you looked beautiful--and I still say it looks black not brown!)Its comforting to think that even when all seems lost that somehow you find glimmers of sunshine in the darkness.

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