Monday, October 15, 2007

Do the the fine

Sadly Miss I-don't-speed-and-frankly-get-upset-when-people-run-red-lights should learn to get off her high horse. Yes, I rarely speed and I stop for the yellow light...and I took pride in the fact that its been forever since I was pulled over, let alone given a ticket. Well, pride cometh before the fall I guess. To my defense I would like to point out I'd just worked 12 days in a row (nearly 50 hours in week one and 55 in week two) and was very very tired, but then what good is justifying the infraction? I did it, I am guilty and now have a ticket and fine to prove it.

I was driving to Springville friday after work and was distracted for a moment by scaffolding on a building I love. I was thinking it was wonderful that the owner was going to continue his efforts to preserve such a beautiful building when I looked up and saw the light had just turned red at the intersection I had just come to. Sure, I could have hit my brakes and probably come to a stop partially into the crosswalk but impulse took over and I ran the red light...right in front of a cop. Cue one cute policeman pulling me over, handing me an $82 ticket and seeming fairly shocked that I not only admitted my error without excuse but actually said "thank you" when he handed me the ticket! (Mom would be rolling her eyes over that one...sorry mom but I was raised to say thank you when things are given to me--even though you specifically told me that one time never to say it to a cop giving you a ticket).

So I now have a fine and goodness only knows how many points coming off of my drivers license (I still haven't figured out the whole point system anyway!) What a way to start the weekend.....but I learned my lesson. Once again I come screeching to a stop at a yellow light, much to the annoyance of everyone following behind me.


Teachinfourth said...


Well, I can't fault you...I've sped a couple of times too and hit a light at that moment when it it more of an orange than a red.

You might want to check into traffic school...I don't know if it works for "red light" violations, but it does for going through a stop sign. The class is actually pretty fun and was only about $35 or so (I think). I took a date too...of course, she was with me when I went through the stop sign so it was only fitting.

Oh yeah, before I forget...I heard this announcement on the radio about ways you can get an "online" store for your craft stuff you make...I haven't checked it out but it sounded good on the radio:

Miya said...

Girl, you are gonna kill someone one of these days with all that texting and daydreaming you do behind the wheel.

Miya said...

BTW, I've heard really good things about Etsy, too. It's pretty much made solely for crafts and handmade goodies, and it's better for what you want than opening an eBay store.

If you google around, you'll hear from other people who use it and love it. I get a lot of Project Wonderful ads on my site from people advertising their Etsy store. I would definitely give it a shot. I shop online more than I shop in person anyways, so starting with an online store would probably be a good idea!

Miya said...

BTW, good ideas for free advertising if you want to sell any crafts is to take a picture of the best of a particular item and then post it on deviantArt with a link to the item in the description! I know tons of people who do this, cause it IS art.

Also if you open an account with Project Wonderful (account is free) you can advertise that way, which is usually pretty cheap or free depending on where you put your ads (ads on my site usually are either free or no more than 3 cents per day, whereas a place like icanhascheezburger might go up to $3 a day, but you'd get seen by more people. You get to see how much traffic the particular site generates each day before you bid on a slot.) They go through Paypal, too, so you're bank info is totally safe.

shoezimm said...

So with the driving school....does it drop down my fine on the ticket or does it just help my license points? Not that i am worried about the point system...I should still have a long way to go before I get in trouble there!