Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A girl and her camera.....

I got my camera back last night and wasted no time snapping pics again. Explanation? Ronetta was carrying it in her purse at the trade show tuesday of last week so I would have access to it rather than packing it up in my duffle or in one of the show boxes. We crawl into town around 8 in the evening, she jumps in her car and heads home (another hour and a half drive) and about five mins after she leaves I remember my camera....still in her purse! A week without a camera completely sucks as it figures this would be the week that autumn decided to really go all out down here. Fall in its glory and all I have is my camera phone! Well, I got a lot of pics out of that phone and thankfully the text messaging still works even though the account is closed...I'd snap and snap, text the pictures to my email and then snap some more. I haven't looked at them yet because I am afraid I'll be disappointed by the lousy quality of my phone (even tho I upped the resolution as high as it would go)....Sadly I noticed this morning that a lot of the trees I was loving last week have no leaves on them (you were right Jase, fall is brief here!) but I think some are still blazing gloriously; gonna go out tonight and re-acquaint myself with a real camera!

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