Monday, October 29, 2007

Fashion Faux Paux?

Okay, bit of the absurd here. Spotted in the hallway at church yesterday was a toddler who couldn't have topped 2 years old making a beeline for the watering fountain with a very fashionable mommy trailing behind. Sadly, the toddler was togged out in thigh high black leather boots (with heels!) and a tartan mini skirt.

First thought...what kind of values is that mother giving her child?
Second...why did I leave my camera home cause no one is gonna believe this one.
Third...those boots look ridiculous with that skirt.


Miya said...

I'd like to slug every mother who thinks it's cute to dress their child like a slut. And we wonder why we can't get them to be modest as teenagers!!!

shoezimm said...

My thoughts kids don't have enough going on in their lives that they have to add all that to the mix! I was standing there in church thinking "okay, this kid is probably still getting the full swing of walking and balance down and they have her in heels?" Granted they weren't stilletto or anything but geez....they are going to have a mess on their hands as she gets older! You know, it still amazes me to see some of the people God trusts his children to and what they do with that trust (I'm talking in generality here--not just this mom)