Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Death to Stephenie Meyer???

WARNING....I would say this post contains spoilers but you really can't spoil a book that is already collapsing under its own crapy-ness.

I just read a bunch of posts about the new Stephenie Meyer book "Breaking Dawn" and man do the fans have it out for her. Having read the book in question I can understand some of the comments but having fans out there screaming about how we all need to return our books to "teach her a lesson" is a bit extreme. I mean, its not as if we didn't know what was coming.....Ms. Meyer herself stated that everything in "Breaking Dawn" was alluded to in the last couple of books. Hmmm...lets see.

"Twilight" was a good book; sure it had its problems, but still very entertaining. Then came "New Moon" (which was total crap....) and then "Eclipse" which was a bit okay but mostly crap as well...by this point you are really tired of everybody being hot for Bella (hell-o, this is annoying enough on "Smallville" with everyone wanting Lana's scrawny bod!) And if we have to listen to her one more time going on about how ugly she is (when its obviously not the case) I was going to reach out through the pages and just slap her.

Meyer then took a break from the world of vampire/werewolf romantic triangles and wrote a seriously bad book called "The Host" about romance between a human and a body-snatching alien slug who just happens to be snuggled inside a hot body. I won't go into all the ridiculous details but this "made for adults" piece of (dare I call it literature?) is actually the first of a trilogy (yeah, I'm laughing over that one!) Now all of the teenyboppers in the world who just had to have their copy of "Breaking Dawn" at midnight are crying foul?

We all know Meyer isn't a very good author (anyone who has read the earlier stuff knows this)...she lucked into writing about some interesting characters (though the fact that she has supposidly stated that they talk to her, keep secrets and hide stuff from her is a bit disturbing and makes me wonder when she took her last anti-halucinogen). Her writing is not going to win her awards...but then bad dialogue never stopped George Lucas from making Star Wars into the cash-cow phenomenon it is. (I'm not dissing you George...other than your dialogue getting seriously sappy in parts I am actually a fan of the original 3 films, but lets get back to Stephenie....)

For me? Yeah I wanted to read it, and I bought it...thankfully for a very cheap price. I was wondering what in the world Meyer would fill an entire 700+ page book with...and now I know: rough sex, an impossible pregnancy, an obscure and very contradictory storyline, an ex-lover imprinting on (and probably someday mating with)her newborn "child" ... and all of this in a book that is geared towards the pre-teen/teen market?!?!?!? I could go on but I have to say that having your main character, whose eyes we have (through 3 1/2 books) seen the world through suddenly become a background character during that before-mentioned "impossible pregnancy", literally giving the story over to another character to observe from a safe (and clueless) distance was a total cheat. If Meyer didn't know how to show us firsthand why Bella made her choices and how she survived it, then she should never have taken the story in this direction. The storyline was already stupid to begin with but the sudden last second saving of Bella (when she was already dead) by directly injecting her with "vampire venom" that Edward just happened to have prepared? Please...we're not morons here. And what's with the Volturi coming, threatening and then backing away as total wimps in the end with no real battle taking place? This completely unbelievably bad ending was supposed to leave every fan feeling happy, regardless of whether you were rooting for Team Jacob or Team Edward. Sadly, those of us on Team "Just-Give-Us-A-Book-That-Doesn't-Suck" were left wondering just what smacked us... personally, I think it was the author's laughter on her way to the bank.

Disappointed? Yes. Returning the book as a form of protest? No. Will I read it again? Never. I'm lucky to have bought the book with the intention of giving it to someone else afterwards so its not going to be hanging around on my bookshelf (sorry Lucie...that stinker is yours now!)

Will I still watch the movie for "Twilight" when it comes out in December? Probably....I have to admit though that from watching the trailers I think fans are going to be just as disappointed in the film adaptation of the series beginning as they are in this series wrap-up.


Miss. Julieta said...

not a Meyer fan/reader. at least it's getting the kids reading, eh?

just me said...

I just finished the 2nd book and starting the third. If I have to read about how beautiful Edward is one more time, I'm going to puke.
I have no intention of ever reading anything this woman writes again. She cheats her readers with what she leaves out. I will be quiet now before this rant gets full blown.

SozinTara said...

I appreciate the honesty on this site, and since there was much to swallow, I'll focus on two points.

First, Meyer is a Mormon and so writing a book with explcit sex and taking time with details was not going to happen. I used to love reading those type of books, but remember, her characters are still in school and Edward is reportedly 109 years old and old fashioned. He was gonna marry Bella first anyhow before having sex with her.

Secondly, blame the marketers for marketing Breaking Dawn to "Preteens/Teens" Stephenie wrote a beautiful series that sprung from a dream. In one of her interviews she stated, she didn't want it published anyway" but did it anyhow to see what may come of it.


ashley_rob2009 said...

Okay people we all have our opinions about the books and movies... some good some bad. No body cares what you think so get over it don't be so negative towards Stephenie she just took her dream and made it heard out loud to the world. She doesn't need your negative bullshit. So keep your thoughts to yourself because like i said no one cares. Have you seen how much they made for the first two movies and how many books Stephenie sold, you obviously didn't do the smart thing and look into your research before talking false shit about an innocent woman and her literature. And I don't think that so-called brain of yours is really there.