Saturday, August 2, 2008


Turns out I didn't end up helping my friend with her canning today as she and her family went camping so my roommate suggested we drive up to Park City for the Kimball Arts Festival. Hmmmm...hadn't been to Park City before and this sounded interesting so I agreed to give it a shot.

We drove up into some truly beautiful countryside and passed the Olympic Park where I can only assume those large slides were for the downhill skiers??? And then we were off around so many twists and turns and whatnot until we found ourselves pulling into a parking garage about halfway up Main Street. $10 later found us walking towards the festival and another $8 in entry fees (per person) landed us on the street itself. A nice lunch at the Hungry Moose Bar & Grill and then we were off to explore.

Well it was easier to let gravity assist us so we first headed down the hill (quite a long ways down the hill actually), stopping at whatever struck our fancy. Reaching the bottom we then turned around and walked back up the hill....and up....and up.....and up. Freaking heck this was a long hill.

We finally made it to the top of the hill and I was grateful to finally be heading downhill again towards the car. Of course then it was up 3 flights of stairs and then a scenic drive above the city, where I am certain at least a few of the shots I took of the lovely aspen trees should turn out. Then it was a leisurely drive back to Orem. Seriously, I got loads of exercise today.

Beautiful crafts, jewellery, art, photography, welding, mixed name it and they pretty much had it. More than once I was knocked over by the prices on eerything: no framed photography piece was selling for less than $750, and often for much more than that. Matted 5 x 7's and 8 x 10's ranged at about $50 each and one super cool metal sculpture that I fell in love with was $2100 while another neat one a little taller than me (and very simply made from scrap metal) was $19,000 (and no, I didn't accidently add an extra zero). A couple next to me had no problem with the price except the wife complained that she'd be happier if the piece had eagles on it rather than crows! Another gal was looking at some verrrrrrrrrry expensive jewellery (not to my taste but I could see how it would appeal to the commercial market). She turned to her husband and mentioned how she had nothing that would go with the set she was admiring and he cooly responded, "You'll just have to get a whole new wardrobe to match it then". Dang. As the roommate said more than once today, this was a world we were not familiar with and probably never would be.

I bought 2 pairs of earrings (a total steal for the price this gal was asking for fact she was the one booth with bling that had items under $20 that I saw). Of course I also came home with a pound of fudge (which will be cut into small pieces and frozen for later consumption) and 2 bags of candied pecans (yum!) Not to mention our stopping on the way home at the Rocky Mountain Candy Shop (or whatever its called) where I promptly got a walnut carmel apple and 4 pieces of english toffee! Calorie-wise this was not a good day, but most of it has yet to be eaten so it will definately be frozen for some future weekend!

All-in-all...a very nice day. A bit of an eye-opener as to what some people will spend for things....but a very nice day.


Danielle said...

I love that Art Fest. While I cannot buy anything there, I love to look. And that hill.....its a killer.

Kris said...

I had never been to park City until we drove through this summer to our family reunion. I loved it!! I could live there. If I was retired and had $$$. The small kids had fun too. I am glad I went down And Up the hill.

annette said...

Sounds great! Park City is one of those few Utah towns with charm.