Thursday, August 21, 2008


Is it just me or is the internet getting...well....smaller?

It seems like today many of the sites I used to go to are now filled with teensy writing in a pale gray font against the typical white background. Who the freak can read it??? I certainly can't.

In fact if I come across a site that uses the above-mentioned format I don't even bother with it--I simply move on to another site. The sad thing is that most of these sites seem to have information on them that they want to share with the world; do they not see the irony of presenting the material in a manner that no one wants to waste time trying to decipher?

Are they trying to cut down on the amount of space they are taking?

Isn't the internet, according to Bill Gates, essentially limitless?

So what gives?

If anyone can explain this downright annoying phenomenon to me I would be happy to read anything you want to send to long as it is submitted in a clearly legible format.


Miya said...

If you go to a site with ridiculously itty-bitty font, but you really want to check out the info, hold down the Command key and then press the + sign key, each time you press plus while holding down command the font will get bigger.

Teachinfourth said...

Curses, Meem beat me to that choice little tidbit of info I was going to share...