Friday, August 1, 2008

What to do......

Well the new Stephenie Meyer is released tonight at midnight which has left me with a bit of a dilemna: do I cancel my sweet Amazon order of free shipping and the book at $12.64 (however it wouldn't arrive until Wednesday of next week--which Amazon failed to mention at the time of order!) or do I cancel that order, fight my way through throngs of rabid teenagers at my local Wal-Mart and not only snag a copy at $13.87 (plus tax) but I also get to read the book starting tonight/tomorrow morning.

Decisions, decisions.

One the one hand, what's a few more days? I have pretty much already committed myself this weekend to canning on Saturday at a friends and organizing more of my crap at home before heading to Jase's for a BBQ after church on Sunday. If I don't get the book until Wednesday night I will have Thursday and Friday after work to read since I don't have class either night next week.

I admit, impatience won out and I guiltily entered my Amazon account to cancel the order only to receive the following message: "Sorry, your order is currently being processed and cannot be cancelled."

Well, look at it this way: I have something to look forward to, I will be available to keep my plans for this weekend, I saved $1.23 plus tax not to mention the dollar or so in gas driving to Wal-Mart and back. There will be no lines to wait in surrounded by giggling girls debating on Jacob vs. Edward, and I will not be fighting off hordes of love-struck girls on my way to the mailbox. No, I can simply snatch my copy out, zip back the 100 feet or so from the mailbox to my bedroom, and emerse myself in guilty reading pleasure.

If I don't answer the phone Thursday or'll know why.


Danielle said...

FUN! I am trying to get through this trilogy (that just turned into 4!) from Dean Koontz so I can start reading the twilight series. I have the first book, but I want to finish this set I'm reading before I start another. And it better live up to all the hype, because I have ONLY read Dean Koontz for the last 12 years, and I'll be breaking that stride to try Twilight!!

Kris said...

These Books ROCK!!