Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Well we cheated but I have officially managed to withdrawl from class this month. According to Cheyenne (school registrar) if I was to simply drop my classes I am automatically disenrolled and would have to go through all the paperwork all over again (soooooooooooo not what I want to do). I'd already dropped my online English class because I didn't need it (I have a transfer credit available for it!) and we were weighing the options when Cheyenne mentioned that I was still officially enrolled in that class because she hadn't had a chance to pull me out yet.

Sneaky us went and dropped me from my advertising class (bummer....I really was looking forward to taking it) and then noted the system that I had a transfer credit available for my English class. Since I am not officially dropping the English class but rather putting it on "hold" waiting for the transfer credit to be entered I am not officially off the schedule and will automatically be enrolled in new classes next month! Hooray! Cheyenne says working the system like this will not cost me anything money-wise as my transfer credit will void out any fees for this class (especially since I hadn't attended my online class) and, since I didn't go to my advertising class on Monday I couldn't be charged for it now that its been dropped.

I can honestly say this is a relief knowing I have the next 4 weeks off of school and can re-group here. By the time classes start again for me we should be pretty dead here at work and I should have gotten a lot of the stress out of my system...not to mention that I can now try and get a few things done at home that have been put-off for the last 9 months (of course some of it can wait a week or so for me to just freaking relax and lose the dang headaches).

Of course I am, at the moment, stressing over what this will do to my class schedule and feeling that (unrealistic as it is) I have somehow failed again. I know its not true...I will start up again next month. Its not like I am dropping school, just taking a small breather, but it still feels like failure. I hope this feeling goes away pretty soon...its giving me a bigger headache than I started out with this morning.

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