Wednesday, August 6, 2008

the pain that just won't go away

Freaking ow!

I've been at home Monday and Tuesday with a killer headache and not eating much (pain will do that to you!) I had an eye exam to see if my rx had changed or something but it wasn't that. I stopped at WalMart last night and bought Excedrin and a couple of caffeinated colas and tried knocking it out that way. It mostly helped. Enough that here I sit at work, Excedrin down, a hefty-sized cherry coke mostly empty and my head down to a lesser throb. I guess if it helps me lose the headache that its worth having to kick the cola habit again. I just read my brother's blog though and he mentions combining Advil and apparently works miracles on his migraines and he doesn't need the caffeine. Something I would have been happy to learn yesterday!

I think that its stress more than anything else. I have a lot of it right now in the form of working extra hours even though I was sick, school, etc etc....I think its all just catching up to me. Not much I can do at the moment about work...or school for that matter. I tried seeing if I could take a month off but it was no-go...they just aren't set up for people to take a break. If I don't feel better by this evening though I am going to stop by the registrar's office and insist she give me this month off; seriously, its not worth killing myself over. As for the etc etc....I am not sure what I can do there either since I feel hideously guilty for saying "no" to people. I plan to stop at WalMart again tonight and see if those "Stress tabs" really work. I certainly hope so because this headache is driving me crazy.


Miya said...

Yoga helps with the stress! I'm just sayin...

Ugh, but yeah I'll bet the stress factor is what's got you. I know that every afternoon during Fandemonium I'd start getting a headache around 3pm, then we'd have to leave by 5 or 6 (even though it went on until midnight) and go back to the hotel and I'd have to lay in bed the entire time because the pain would get so bad. UGH!

shoezimm said...

Actually I have a yoga DVD made especially for big gals....I've been thinking about finally trying it. Thanks for the tip and lets hope it helps!

Teachinfourth said...

Headaches sure are going around...don't explode though, okay? Exploded sisters are pretty much worthless.

Hope you feel better soon.