Monday, April 20, 2009

8 Days....Day 5

What made me happy on Sunday was how beautiful the weather was. I sat in my room in my comfy chair, laptop at the ready (trying vainly to do homework) but just kept drifting off into daydreams. The air coming in through my window (which, conveniently, my chair sits right next to) was sweet and warm and the sky was so blue and the birds were singing that it made anything else hard to focus on. I kept breathing in that delicious air and looking forward to the joy of being able to keep my window open at night again.

The cats enjoyed it too....they kept running from open window to open window sniffing madly and going completely bezerk everytime a bird happened to fly past their perch.

Very relaxing....very soothing....very much needed.

It didn't hurt that I made a delicious quiche for dinner either......

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mywest said...

Our weather was fantastic, just mowed the lawn yesterday and the yard is starting to look groomed.
Another think that makes me happy is seeing the scale move - and not +.